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Author Topic: They call US Nazis? Research to use in refuting Nazi allegations against us.  (Read 10395 times)
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« on: December 12, 2009, 06:53:27 PM »


Our opponents have consistently tried to paint our side with the Nazi label. The text in this narrative provides hard evidence that it is actually the Islamic Supremacists who are the ideal recipients of this epithet.

Comparison of Islamic texts with Mein Kampf

We begin our exploration with a look at a side-by-side comparison of Islamic texts and Adolph Hitler's Mein Kampf. The following links are from the Prophet of Doom website. A careful examination will reveal considerable similarities between them. It is highly suggestive that the ideology and political aspects of both are compatible. With this in mind, it is difficult to understand how Leftists can accuse us as being "Nazis", since we are actually opposing the eventual establishment of a legal system in Western nations which has founding texts that are not dissimilar from Hitler's own Mein Kampf.

Mein Kampf - Hitler's Role Model

Mein Kampf - My Jihad

Islam's World War Test Case

Hitler - Satan's Articulate Prophet

Mein Kampf - Hitler and Muhammad Find Religion

This link provides video versions of the preceding


The following provides further comparisons between Nazis and Islam as ideologies.

Heil Islam!;...

The Qu'ran vs. Mein Kampf

Mein Kampf & Quran

Articles regarding Nazism and Islamic Supremacism in the Hitler era and beyond

The following articles focus on the relationship between Nazism and Islamic Supremacism in the Hitler era and the post-World War II era. Some may touch upon a contemporary relationship between neo-Nazis and Islamic Supremacism, but that is not their main emphasis. This seals the argument in support of Nazism and Islamic Supremacism as being mutually compatible. It also confirms that the Islamic world took an active role in supporting Hitler's efforts.

Amin Al-Husseini

The Arab/Muslim Nazi Connection

Arabs and Nazism

Arafat's Hitler-loving Role Model

The Beginning of the Reckoning

Hitler's Mufti, Not Hitler's Pope

The Influence of Islam on the Third Reich

Islam and Adolph Hitler

Islamic Antisemitism and Its Nazi Roots

Islamic Influence on Hitler - Can it be True?
The preceding is an amazing article which discusses an Islamic influence on Hitler's Nazi philosophy, through 'Inayay Allah Khan.

Islamism, Fascism and Terrorism (Part 1)

Islamism, Fascism and Terrorism (Part 2)

Islamism, Fascism and Terrorism (Part 3)

Islamism, Fascism and Terrorism (Part 4)

Islam's Nazi Connections

The Mufti and the Fuhrer

The Nazi Background of Saddam Hussein

The Nazi Connection to Islamic Terror

Nazi Influence on the Middle East During WWII

The Nazi origins of Modern Arab Terror

The Nazification of the Palestinian Arabs: Arafat's, Saddam's Historical Ties to Hitler

National Socialism and Anti-Semitism in the Arab World

Photos and Documents

Their Kampf: Hitler's Book in Arab Hands

Ustashi Monsters proudly Display Their Deeds

Who was the Grand Mufti, Haj Muhammed Amin al-Husseini?

Present-day Nazi cooperation with Islamic Supremacists

It has often been alleged by many in the Left/Media axis that all of those who are opposing the intentions and actions of Islamic Supremacists, as well as the overall Islamification of Europe and the West, are, without exception, "Nazis". The usual targets of these slurs are groups such as SIOE, EDL and various prominent spokespersons such as Geert Wilders, Daniel Pipes, Robert Spencer and so forth. Many others of like minds can be included in this list of targets. In actuality, all of the aforementioned entities (termed in this narrative as the "Western Coalition") have firmly denounced all aspects of Nazism, a point which is consistently dismissed or ignored by their critics.

Of course, it is evident from a casual investigation on the internet that many (not all) self-proclaimed neo-Nazi organizations and their individual members have also voiced positions which are in direct opposition to certain aspects of both Islamic Supremacism and Islamification. The Left/Media believes the mere existence of concurrent objections of any type or degree to any part of the Islamic agenda, by the Western Coalition and also the neo-Nazis, is sufficient enough "evidence" for them to claim a full and complete right to levy the "Nazi" label against the former. However, in doing so, they neglect to enlighten people to the fact that they are simply performing "guilt by association", a completely invalid form of argument. The thought of seeking out truly credible evidence to actually verify the use of such labels against the Western Coalition seems to have escaped them.

If the opposition cannot understand how they are being intellectually dishonest by "tarring us with the same brush" (as just described) with their Nazism allegations, then they should pause for a moment and reflect upon some interesting tidbits from history involving the making of associations. A prime example to which we can point involves the opposition to the Vietnam War. It cannot be denied that Marxists and Communists had at least a modest representation in the antiwar movement, including the street protests where Viet Cong flags were waved. Despite clearly visible evidence of a concurrent Communist presence, can anyone honestly assert that the majority of the people in the antiwar movement were fervent Communists or Marxists? Of course not! In this case, the media acted appropriately and did not label the vast majority of anti-war protesters as diehard Communists and Marxists and the anti-war movement as a Communist/Marxist controlled endeavor. In late 1941, the U.S. joined with other Western nations and the Communist USSR to fight Nazi Germany. No one placed a "Communist" label on any Western politicians or officials who advocated an alliance at the time, even though both groups were fighting the common enemy of Nazi Germany. And more recently, neo-Nazis have long opposed providing financial or military support to Israel. As have many of the established Leftists political parties in Europe. If we use the so-called "logic" of the Left/Media axis, where the Western Coalition can be freely labeled "Nazi" because many neo-Nazis also oppose Islamification and other elements of the Islamic Supremacist agenda, then it follow that these Leftist parties, too, should publicly be labeled as Nazis. Of course, such labeling will never happen because the tarring brush would have to be applied to the Israel-hating Left. It is therefore reasonable to conclude from the preceding that the Left/Media has a "selective morality" when it comes to who receives the Nazi label.

Besides the matter of "guilt by association", the Left also fails to acknowledge that there has never been any mutually consensual association or work agreement between the Western Coalition and self-described Nazis. Also, none of the Left/Media accusers can present evidence that any members of the Western Coalition have advocated specific proposals calling upon violence as the way to begin addressing Islamification. Statements of such a type, including the implementation of concentration camps and overall genocide, would clearly be expected from neo-Nazis. If any statements have by chance been made by the Western Coalition in support of a halting of immigration or a deportation of non-citizens, such actions would be well within any nation's established or traditional legal authority to implement and would not be a position unique to Nazism. As would the performance of any currently legal government action. None of the Western Coalition members have issued statements critical of any race or made blanket negative statements regarding people of different nationalities; statements which would be more readily associated with the Nazi propensity and enthusiasm for prejudice. If, by chance, statements of this type have indeed been made by the Western Coalition regarding nationalities, we are confident they would have been said in the interest of brevity, as the endless use of qualifiers and disclaimers is often an impediment to the expression of free-flowing thought. Further review of any such quoted documents or the author's overall writings would undoubtedly reveal a context which clarifies things and removes bias or broad generalizations as a likely possibility.

Statements regarding Islam, the main concern of the Western Coalition, have generally been couched with terms or disclaimers which avoid broad generalizations against all Muslims as a people and have focused almost exclusively on the political and ideological aspects of Islam and how they clearly deny many basic human rights; to both Muslims and non-Muslims alike. It would be highly unusual to come across any statements from Western Coalition members which consist primarily of objections to the matters in Islam which do not involve or touch upon the political / ideological components. This is quite different from the established Nazi approach to discussing a religion it does not like. Its objections to Judaism has been and remains all-encompassing. If any random statement regarding Islam appears as being suggestive of generalizations or bias against the non-political and non-ideological elements, again, look at the context with the same approach as described above. But such variances should be quite rare. Statements regarding Muslims as made by neo-Nazis have generally not been concerned with disclaimers. And it is obvious that neo-Nazi statements regarding Jews are pure vitriol.

Islam is unique among all major world religions in having explicit doctrines in its texts that are clearly legal or political in nature and, despite what Islamic Supremacists will assert, limit true human rights as traditionally defined in the West. These doctrines against freedom and liberty for all in society are buttressed by claims of textual inerrancy by Muslims and demands in the texts that such doctrines be followed completely and without exception. Furthermore, the vast majority of Muslims throughout the centuries have enthusiastically agreed with the validity of the political and ideological demands without question. And, most importantly, they have chosen to implement them to some degree or another whenever circumstances were most opportune. The Western Coalition cannot be faulted and termed "Nazis" if it makes references to such Islamic text quotations which clearly espouse violence and subjugation, or point out how the religion requires a firm commitment by all its members to follow every precept. Nor, if fairness is a consideration, can they be pilloried as Nazis if they simply present the words of violence being espoused by various current and historic Muslim leaders for the edification of a Western audience.

The Western Coalition sees a very real likelihood of an eventual Talibanized Europe, with Africa succumbing to the same fate, too. This is a future which no one can completely rule out. If any of our deluded Leftist friends concede that the West will indeed be under an Islamic majority in the decades ahead, they often voice a blind confidence that existing human rights legislation will protect them perpetually. They need to "get real". To bolster this regrettably pessimistic view, just try to find any large Muslim-dominated nation where current Western human rights can be exercised with abandon and without reprisal by the government and/or the surrounding devout Muslim populace. That's right; none exist. With this consideration in mind, any statements which a Western Coalition member might make which endorses the eventual use of force to defend against the establishment of Islamic Supremacist domination in order to enhance the preservation of basic freedoms and human rights for posterity in the West cannot be termed as being "Nazi"-like. Without exception, the Western Coalition's ultimate desire is for a peaceful solution. But as Thomas Jefferson said: "A people unwilling to use extreme violent force to preserve or obtain their liberty deserves the tyrants that rule them". And from Thomas Mann: "Tolerance becomes a crime when applied to evil". If the reader cannot distinguish between what Jefferson and Mann said and the intentions of a neo-Nazi, then further reading of this presentation by them is pointless. Simply stated, our side can perceive, with great apprehension, the possible necessity at some point in time of advocating the taking of whatever means are necessary to defeat a political ideology and its advocates (not a race or nationality) which history has consistently shown will subvert basic human rights of all people if it attains a critical mass. We have already dealt with Nazism at a great cost of human life. We now need to address the rapidly encroaching political forces of Islam, while there is time, and avoid having to go through yet another period of devastating turmoil. We will not stand by to consign future generations of two whole continents, if not more, to perpetual slavery.

In our evaluation of this issue, we can't neglect to mention a favorite topic of the Left: the occasional appearance of a person at a demonstration giving a Nazi-salute or holding a sign with a Nazi symbol or message. The Left/Media axis immediately puts this forth as evidence that the organizers of the demonstration and the entire movement are Nazis. However, they conveniently neglect mentioning that the organizers have denounced Nazism and deliberately distance themselves from neo-Nazis at every opportunity. It's the same old "guilt by association" process as described above. They also never seem to entertain that possibly, just possibly, the Left could have sent their own members into the midst of the demonstration to act in such a manner. Let's contrast this with photographic evidence of Muslims in the modern world enthusiastically performing Nazi salutes (see below). The reader will note that some of the images depict Muslims performing Nazi salutes in a well-organized setting. And then we have the Muslim Nazis who served under Hitler. In light of this evidence, do you think we will see the Left/Media conceding an organized and well-accepted Nazi influence in the Muslim World? Of course not!

The whole idea of seeking confirmatory evidence for the use of a derogatory label just goes over the heads of the Left/Media. Instead, they have based their Nazi allegations against us on slander, innuendo, vague associations and inferences. They expect "evidence" in such baseless forms to be treated by others as ironclad truths, just because they say so and because of the unfortunate the fact that it keeps being repeated. They overlook all of the statements by the Western Coalition and their allies in which they directly condemn Nazi ideology and take active measures to exclude them from discussions and demonstrations. They turn a blind eye to statements which the Western Coalition have made in support of Israel and the Jewish people, a position which seems, to our best recollection, to be something which Nazis oppose.

None of the above stated exhortations for the Left/Media to exercise logic and reason when contemplating the Nazi label are expected to have any effect. Perhaps, however, the following will engender a reconsideration.

It is evident from the articles listed below the that many of the neo-Nazis have themselves made it known with whom they want to associate. The target of their affections is actually the Islamic Supremacists and the Muslim world as a whole. Further review will reveal that Islamic Supremacists have actually accepted many of the neo-Nazi entreaties or extended a hand on their own. Their cooperation has been primarily in matters where Jews are vilified or they are being placed in the cross-hairs.

Bear in mind that the links below indicate it is Islamic Supremacists who have actually given neo-Nazi's a receptive audience for their drivel. Meanwhile, our opposition will be very hard pressed to find any circumstances where the Western Coalition has ever agreed to cooperate with unrepentant neo-Nazis on any issue. They want nothing to do with them on any issue whatsoever.

So here we have significant evidence of intentional collusion and agreement between leading neo-Nazis and Islamic Supremacists on the matter of Jews and Israel. In light of this evidence, do we see the Left/Media labeling the Islamic Supremacists as Nazis? Of course not! That would violate their self-appointed right to use double-standards.

Who else can we throw into this mix of neo-Nazis and Islamic Supremacists? Why of course, the Left itself! After all, it, too condemns Israel instinctively and advocates many of the same points promoted by the neo-Nazi / Islamic Supremacist alliance. As for the Left's negative attitudes on the Jewish people, we will say at this point that much of it appears coded and subtle. Discussion on any blatant and overt language in this regard would have to come under some future investigation.
Summing this up, we essentially have the Left/Media axis labeling a group of people who are challenging the eventual permanent establishment in Western Society of an ideology which eliminates the exercise of human rights. Go figure.

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« Reply #1 on: December 12, 2009, 06:55:44 PM »


The points brought out in the preceding are summarized below.

1. The Western Coalition has consistently denounced neo-Nazis.

2. Any concurrent objection to Islamic Supremacism or Islamification by both the Western Coalition and neo-Nazis ("guilt by association") cannot be logically interpreted as meaning the Western Coalition members are Nazis.

3. If the immediately preceding point is disputed, then the rationale for such an outlook can be used to assign the Left with a Nazi label, due to their sharing with neo-Nazis a fervent opposition at least to Israel, if not Jews overall.

4. There has never been any mutually consensual association or work agreement between the Western Coalition and neo-Nazis.

5. No Western Coalition members have advocated Nazi-type violence (or any violence) as a way to address current Islamic-related issues of concern with the West.
6. Any solutions as urged by the Western Coalition have been legal and therefore not characteristic of Nazism.

7. No Western Coalition members have made negative statements regarding race or nationality; an approach contrary to Nazis.

8. Statements concerning Islam have focused almost exclusively on political/ideological matters imbued within the religion. This approach differs from the Nazi approach of maligning all aspects of a religion (particularly Judaism).

9. The Western Coalition is not acting like Nazis in voicing a desire to resist Islamic Supremacist behavior, when history and the political/ideological components of Islam give every indication that human rights as they currently exist will be eliminated with a Muslim majority.

10. The Western coalition has taken direct measures to exclude neo-Nazis from demonstrations and other activities they sponsor.

11. The Western Coalition has taken a position in support of Israel, which is contrary to the interests of Nazis (and their leftist allies).

12. There is copious evidence of Nazis and Islamic Supremacists seeking each other out for joint endeavors.

13. The Left uses a twisted "logic" to accuses the Western Coalition, which is against Islamic domination and Islamification, of being Nazis. Meanwhile, it is the self-proclaimed Nazis are the ones who actually curry favor with the Islamic world.

Articles concerning a contemporary relationship between neo-Nazis and Islamic Supremacists

The following articles focus primarily on a contemporary relationship between neo-Nazis and Islamic Supremacists. A few of the articles may also touch upon Nazism and Islamic Supremacists from the Hitler era, but that is not their main focus.

Al Qaeda's Neo-Nazi Connections
A description of efforts at cooperation between neo-Nazis and Islamic Supremacists.

An ideological Axis of Evil: Islamism, Leftism, and neo-Nazism.
An ideological affinity of neo-Nazis towards Islamic Supremacism

An unholy alliance: Aryan Nation leader reaches out to al Qaeda
Desire of the Aryan Nation leader to coordinate with al Qaeda

An Unholy Alliance - Nazi Links with Arab
A detailed examination of interactions between Muslims and Nazis from World War II onward. The main bond is stated as an antipathy towards Israel and the Jews.

Are Palestinian Leaders Preaching Nazi-like Hatred of Jews?
Examples of Nazi-style teachings within Palestine.

Between Friends: U.S. Holocaust deniers help unite neo-Nazis, Arab extremists
Cooperation between neo-Nazis and Islamic Supremacists

CAIR Promotes and Hosts William W. Baker, Neo-Nazi
Islamic organization features a neo-Nazi speaker.

Canada: Neo-Nazis Protest Alongside Pro-Hamas Muslims and Leftists

Canadian Islamists host (William W. Baker) a Neo-Nazi
Muslim organization hosts a neo-Nazi speaker.

Deciphering Ahmadinejad's Holocaust Revisionism
Neo-Nazi / White Supremacist cozying up to the Islamic world.

The Far Right & Jihadis in Alliance
Article presenting various aspects of neo-Nazi and Islamic Supremacist cooperation, with numerous supplemental links.

Far Right and Muslim Extremists Gather in Baltimore: The Conference
Far Right and Muslim Extremists Gather in Baltimore: Speaker Backgrounds
The two preceding links discuss a meeting held by Muslims and neo-Nazis

Fascist Muslims and neo-Nazis enjoying the day in Stockholm
Muslims and neo-Nazis join together in a protest.

Florida Islamic Group under Scrutiny for neo-Nazi Ties
An Islamic group invites a neo-Nazi Speaker

German Neo-Nazis View Islamists as Allies
The Office for the Protection of the Constitution (Germany) describes the Neo-Nazi hostility to Anti-Islamification groups and also their claim to be allied with Islam against Jews.

Germans Fear neo-Nazi Links with Islamists
Explains neo-Nazis exhibiting joy over 9/11.

Iman who invited neo Nazi speaker to Muslim event says he "wants to enhance the reputation of Islam throughout the entire world".
An Iman invites a neo Nazi speaker.

Islamic Terrorists and Nazi Scum are One in the Same (Formerly: Radical Islam, Neo-Nazis are Seen Sharing Hate Rhetoric)
Discussion of joint activities which have taken place between neo-Nazis and Muslims.

Israel Supporters Charge German Police with excessive force at rally
Reflects cooperation between the NPD (the neo-Nazi National Democratic Part of Germany), DVU (the neo-Nazi German People's Party) and Muslims in the Al-Quds Day march.

Jihad Watch: Aryan Nations Proclaim Solidarity With Islamofascists
The neo-Nazi group gives a rationale for supporting Islamic Supremacists.

Keeping Up with William W. Baker and the Islamists
Account regarding Muslim organizational sponsorship of a neo-Nazi speaker.

Links Between American, European Terrorist Groups
Interactions between neo-Nazis and Islamic Supremacists.

Myatt and Cooperation between Muslims and Neo-Nazis
Efforts by a leading Neo-Nazi convert to Islam to develop cooperation between Muslims and neo-Nazis.

Neo-Nazi Al Qaeda
Neo-Nazi affinity for Islamic causes and terrorism.

Neo-Nazis Arrested near Kosovo Demonstration
Neo-Nazis intended to disrupt a demonstrations by Serbs against the independence of Kosovo.

Neo-Nazis plan pro-Iran parade at World Cup: Report
Plans for a parade supporting President Ahmadinejad and his anti-Israel rhetoric.

Neo-Nazis in Sweden side with Kosovo Muslims
Neo-Nazis intended to disrupt a demonstrations by Serbs against the independence of Kosovo.

Neo-Nazi William Baker to Speak at Assadiq Islamic Educational Foundation Banquet in Boca Raton - Mayors Express Outrage at Misuse of Their Names
An Islamic organization invites a neo-Nazi to speak to them.

The Peculiar Alliance
Article which discusses cooperation between Muslims and neo-Nazis

The Swastika and the Crescent
A detailed article by a renowned anti-racism group on the connections between neo-Nazis and Islamic Supremacists.

Terrorists may use neo-Nazis for attacks: Katzav
Speculation on the use of neo-Nazis in terrorist attacks for the interests of Islamic Supremacists

Unholy alliance: Jihadists, Nazis
Speculation on Nazis joining forces with Islamic Supremacists; links between Muslim Hizb ut-Tahir (Party of Liberation) and the neo-Nazi National Democratic Party

Unlikely Allies Bound by a Common Hatred: Neo-Nazis Find They Share Views of Militant Muslim Groups on U.S., Israel
Detailed article describing efforts at cooperation between neo-Nazis and Muslims.

What the neo-Nazi fanatic Did Next: Switched to Islam
Article about the conversion of neo-Nazi David Myatt to Islam, which he sees as the best way to fulfill his goal of fighting "Zionism".

Images of contemporary Muslims performing Nazi salutes











Video of Palestinian supporters praising Hitler.

Hitler and the Islamic Mufti

War on the West - CNN
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