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Drill Now or Die

Posted on July 17, 2008 at 20:00:00 EST
by Benyamin B

Copyright © 2003-2018 The Anti-Terrorism Coalition. All rights reserved.

As recently as 2002, in the United States of America, one could pay as little as $1.40 per gallon for gas; and, until 2004, crude oil traded below $40.00 per barrel, in general. Then, something happened. Oil prices began to rise suddenly and quickly, reaching historic highs. In mid-2005, the average price of gas per gallon surpassed $3.00 for the first time. In mid-2006, the price of crude oil surpassed $75.00 per barrel before dropping to $60.00 in early 2007. Yet, all of this was only the beginning of the beginning of an oil crisis.

In late 2007, crude oil was trading at close to $100.00 a barrel; and, on July 11, 2008, it reached a record high of $147.27! During the past six months, the average price of gas per gallon has gone from barely over $3.00 to $4.09! Some have predicted that the average price of gas per gallon will reach $5.00 by August or September. In fact, in some areas of the country, prices of over $5.00 per gallon have already been reported. Today, crude oil is trading at 3.5 times the price it was trading at just four and a half years ago; and, in just six years, the average price of gas per gallon has risen by $2.69 - specifically, average gas prices per gallon rose by a whopping $1.00 in less than six months!

It remains unclear as to whether the average price of gas per gallon will indeed reach $5.00 in the very near future. Over the past three weeks, gas prices have actually more or less stabilized at around $4.09 per gallon. This comes after President George W. Bush's (also known as the "blue-eyed slave in Chief" in the Arabian Peninsula) latest plea to his Saudi masters to increase oil production.

Of course, anything short of a trip back to 2002 will not ease the pain and suffering of the American people immediately. The prices of oil do not just hurt the average Joe who fuels his car, in order to be able to drive to work and take care of his errands. Obviously, all but upper class American families will have to make budget cuts. In fact, many families are not going on vacation this summer just because it costs too much to drive (or fly) to their destinations. Recreational boaters too, are cutting back on their fun. Yet, it's much worse than that. The American economy is based on oil. All our goods are manufactured somewhere, all our food is grown somewhere, and then, all of these things are transported to retailers or directly to us. Since transport costs are up, the costs of all goods (including food) are up. Every single sector of the American economy has taken a hit because of these high oil prices. For the average family, this means paying much more for food and much more for getting to the store (and then back home from the store) where they buy the food. In short, we're not paying $20.00 - $30.00 more than we did a few years ago to fuel our whole gas tank, we're paying hundreds of dollars more, all because of these high oil prices!

As usual, whenever a crisis happens, everyone rushes to find the people responsible. I've heard everyone from speculators to politicians to Bush to global warming to the American people blamed. Yet, I've barely heard anyone yell "OPEC". Even rarer is the apparently "crazy" idea that our dependence on "hostile nations" is the cause of the problem. The truth is that there is no one real cause to this crisis, but, one does not have to go far to find the key causes of it.

Speculation definitely deserves part of the blame for the 2008 Oil Crisis. However, the biggest cause of the problem is our dependence on hostile nations for oil. The idea that America should depend on other nations should be frightening to every single American. This means that America no longer has full control over its future. This means that outside factors can now potentially send America into a depression. What makes matters worse is that the nations from which we get our oil are part of a cartel called OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries). The majority of the members of OPEC are Islamic nations. Another key OPEC member is Venezuela - a communist (nominally socialist) nation.

OPEC has manipulated and blackmailed Western countries since its inception. The most notable case of this was the 1973 Oil Crisis, in which Arab countries purposely halted the sale of oil to the US, resulting in major oil shortages. This was a direct result of American aid to Israel during the Yom Kippur War (when Israel was unexpectedly attacked by Egypt and Syria on the holiest Jewish holiday - Yom Kippur). Another oil crisis occurred in 1979, when the relatively secular Iranian Shah, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, was overthrown by vehemently anti-American theocratic fascist revolutionaries led by Ayatollah Khomeini, resulting in a decrease in oil production in Iran.

It is interesting how some of these Islamic OPEC nations have been considered to be our allies. In fact, perhaps the oil-richest country in the world, Saudi Arabia, is considered to be an ally of the US. This is the same country in which Wahabism - an ultra-radical version of Islam - was created and is followed by most of the population. This is the homeland of fifteen out of the nineteen 9/11 hijackers, as well as of Osama Bin-Laden himself. This is the same country in which countless anti-American, anti-Israeli, and anti-non-Muslim in general Madrasahs are located.

In fact, the Koran itself, commands Muslims to kill non-Muslims, conquer their lands, oppress women, and commit other horrific acts of savagery. In Saudi Arabia, a country in which virtually 100% of the population is Muslim (meaning that virtually 100% of the population are adherents to a "religion" and political ideology which preaches the extermination of non-Muslims and the conquest of their lands), they specifically believe an even more radical version of that - Wahabism. In short, in Saudi Arabia, the population follows a "supersized" version of theocratic fascism.

America's ties with Saudi Arabia go back to the 1940s, when oil was discovered there. It doesn't take a genius to realize that the only reason we established ties with the Saudis in the first place was because of oil and the only reason we still have ties with the Saudis is because of oil. It also isn't hard to notice that the upper classes of Saudi Arabia and all other oil-producing Islamic countries have become super rich. Above all, it isn't hard to notice that worldwide Islamic terrorist activity skyrocketed in the 1960s and 1970s, as did Islamic immigration to the West. It is no coincidence that all these things are going on and it is no coincidence that Western leaders are doing little to counter the very visible Islamization going on in their countries, as well as the Islamization and/or terrorism being committed against their allies.

The majority of the media, however, has told us that the Saudi government opposes Osama Bin-Laden, as does his own family. Indeed, both the Saudis and the Bin-Laden family have denied supporting Osama and have even condemned him in public. In fact, the Saudis even sentenced him to death. Yet, where did he get all his money from? Osama was given an inheritance of $300 million. While it seems like a large amount, it was not enough to cover his actions against the Russians in Afghanistan, leave alone the costs of Al-Qaeda (his private terrorist network). In fact, it has been documented that not only Osama's family, but even members of the Saudi Royal family have given money to Osama!

Moreover, in addition to following a super radical version of theocratic fascism, teaching their children to hate non-Muslims, funding and supporting Osama Bin-Laden, organizing a telethon to support Hamas (in which $100 million was raised), and supporting other terrorist activities; the Saudis, like most theocratic fascists, have engaged in a deliberate deception campaign against the West. The Saudis have purposely claimed to oppose Osama and other terrorists, while teaching their children to hate non-Muslims, raising money for terrorist groups like Hamas - this was actually reported in the media, and secretly supporting Al-Qaeda and even Osama. To top it off, in 1993, King Fahd (the previous king of Saudi Arabia) stated the following:

"I summon my blue-eyed slaves anytime it pleases me. I command the Americans to send me their bravest soldiers to die for me. Anytime I clap my hands a stupid genie called the American ambassador appears to do my bidding. When the Americans die in my service their bodies are frozen in metal boxes by the US Embassy and American airplanes carry them away, as if they never existed. Truly, America is my favorite slave."

Indeed, Saudi efforts to make themselves appear to oppose terrorism are all just part of a game of public deception. After all, what would happen if Americans were exposed to the fact that King Fahd referred to them and their leaders as his "blue-eyed slaves"? Obviously, the American people would be outraged and would demand for an end to dependence on Saudi oil. But as with many stories that have the potential to show the dark side of the Islamic world, we rarely hear about them from our media (which is more focused on condemning Israel's attempts to defend its civilians from Islamic terrorist aggression).

It is also interesting that whenever President Bush meets with the Saudis, they kiss each other on their cheeks - an Islamic greeting custom. Yet, why must we Americans greet the Saudis their way? Why is it that we must greet them with the Islamic custom? How about the European custom? Or is that "intolerant"? Or better yet, Bush is the blue-eyed slave and King Abdullah (English for King Slave of Allah) is his master.

This is the cost of American dependence on foreign oil. Not only have we become dependent on people who hate us and are working to destroy us, whenever we fill our cars up with gas, chances are very high that we are paying for our own demise, as most of our oil comes from either Islamic countries or Communist Venezuela. Whenever we buy oil from Islamic countries, some of that money enriches their theocratic fascist leaders, while the rest of that money goes to terrorists themselves, including Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Al-Qaeda, and a ton of other groups. Thus, we Americans have literally helped finance the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks! And even as we speak, more money continues to flow to people who are working to exterminate us off the face of the earth!

Yet, it only gets worse. The major oil companies in the West no longer care about the West, either. They only care about their profits, as they continue to do business with the Islamic World and continue to ignore the obvious fact that we are financing our own demise. They literally do not care, as they have long ago sold their souls to Allah.

In fact, the number of oil refineries has been dropping and countless laws have been passed against drilling in the US, as well as in parts of the Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, and eastern Gulf of Mexico, which are close to the US. At the same time, Communist Cuba and Communist China (on which we also depend on for a ton of goods) are drilling in these offshore areas as we speak!

Environmentalists and other leftists certainly do bear a lot of the blame for keeping us from drilling in all of these areas, yet, at the same time, certain Republicans and nominal "conservatives" with connections to these big oil companies have also blocked efforts to drill. This is because these major oil companies have long gotten used to and comfortable with doing business with the Islamic oil producing countries and would stand to lose if they were put into a position where they would be forced to reduce doing business with these terrorist states, resulting in smaller profits. Thus, these big oil companies have betrayed the very nation that enabled them to become super rich (by buying the oil from them) and continue to do so actively by blocking efforts to both drill and refine oil in the US.

Of course, environmentalists too, have done everything they could to cause this mess. They believe that drilling oil will harm wildlife, even though careful extraction of oil will avoid that from ever happening. They also constantly whine about global warming, despite the fact that this past winter was cooler than usual and the fact that there was record high ice growth in Antarctica. This global warming alarmism, combined with environmentalist nutcases has also helped prevent drilling, as have the many Democratic politicians who have ties with environmentalist and alternative energy companies and lobbies.

Moreover, one of the bio-fuel alternatives has been to use corn as a fuel. The problem with that is that it takes a huge amount of corn to make enough fuel for even one gallon, as well as the fact that we have already seen farmers spend more time growing corn for cars and less time growing corn (and other things) for food. This has also helped bring about food shortages, as well as higher food prices (all in addition to the fact that transport costs have severely raised food prices).

Some leftists have even suggested that this oil crisis is "good" for us, as it will make us "conserve" energy or that it will force us to explore alternative energies. Of course, the majority of these global warming alarmists are either upper class snobs who can afford to pay for expensive gas or are brainwashed drones that bike to work. These snobs and crazies sit back while American families feel the pain every day. While these people scoff at Americans, rant about how much they despise America and Americans, and cry about those "poor [insert citizens of some Islamic terrorist nation]", American families are barely getting by - some are failing to get by - and almost every American household is making some kind of budget cuts. One can only wonder how many American children won't get to enjoy that trip to the beach that they were looking forward to for the whole year. One can only wonder how many novice bikers will die in car accidents because they couldn't afford to drive to work. One can only wonder how many people won't get to see their friends or their families because they couldn't afford that plane ticket or because they couldn't afford to drive. And all while some Green Party member with a Che shirt is rejoicing - rejoicing at the misery and the suffering of most innocent, hospitable, and nicest people in the world.

In short, while there is a huge threat to our national security and while most American households are taking a financial hit, the majority of our government is too busy either making money from environmentalist and alternative energy companies and lobbies, making money from oil companies and lobbies, or actually believing in green "Looney Tunes". Never before has America been in a more vulnerable position, as our enemy is in control of the very fuel that we would need in order to even be able to use our planes and tanks!

This is not to say that alternative energies shouldn't be viewed as very long term solutions, for we should not expect to have enough oil forever and we must always prepare for well ahead in the future - something that we have clearly failed to do in the past (and now). We must work on nuclear energy. We must work on better electrical batteries. We must work on better engines. And we must use every bit of that American ingenuity, but, at the same time, we must realize that we need a solution to this problem as soon as possible, and not in several decades. Thus, we must drill for oil in America now and get off foreign oil as soon as possible.

In fact Osama Bin-Laden once said that he would destroy America economically. Everyone knows that America has the strongest military in the world, and thus, getting it to attack them is suicide. Yet, economically destroying it is possible. Already, we depend on the enemy for oil; and, both our economy and military depend on oil. Without oil, our food won't make it to the supermarkets and it will become a hassle - in some cases, very hard - for people to get to the supermarkets and buy the food (if it somehow makes it to the supermarkets). Transport costs will skyrocket. Thus, food prices will also skyrocket. In fact, they already have. This will drive the economy down. In fact, it already has. The only thing is that what we are feeling now is only the beginning. To top all of that off, we can't even wage any long term air war over our enemies, as they can cut off our oil.

Abraham Lincoln once said that "America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves".

Indeed, a coalition of many of our leaders, several major companies, several lobbies, and some of the most naive and ignorant people ever (radical leftists) has literally been working to sell and surrender this great nation to our sworn enemies. Worst of all, they have, through our media and education system, duped the American people into standing by and doing nothing about - in some cases even supporting - their suicidal agenda.

Moreover, not only are we slaves to our enemies, and as seen in 1973 and 1979, whenever we do something they don't like, they whip us really hard; our enemies are also working to destroy us in every possible way. Yet, only now are Americans beginning to see exactly what we (the ATC and other anti-terrorists) have warned them about. We warned that doing business with the Islamic World was suicidal. We warned that letting the government selfishly care for itself (and in certain cases, its Muslim masters), instead of its people, would soon begin to show extremely serious problems. We warned that the terrorists were working to defeat us economically. In fact, I wrote an article in 2004 or 2005, where I specifically talked about Bin-Laden's plan to economically destroy America. We warned and no one listened. Yesterday, none of this was really affecting our every day lives. Today, we are paying hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars for it. Tomorrow, we will have swords to our necks and we will be given one last chance to convert to Islam.

There is only one way out and that is to build tons of oil refineries and to drill like crazy. Drill in the Rocky Mountains! Drill in the Dakotas! Drill in Alaska! Drill off our West coast! Drill off our East coast! Drill all over the Gulf of Mexico! Drill till every single drop of oil on or near American soil has been accounted for!

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