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Our freedom, our way of life and our very lives are being threatened. However, the enemy is not just a few terrorists living in caves on the Afghan-Pakistani border, but all those who seek to take away our freedoms, whether it be those who capitalize on the politics of fear; those who deny others their freedom of speech under the banners of political correctness and "hate speech"; and anyone else who purposely misrepresents, covers up or entirely lies about the truth, regardless of the reasons they do it for. The truth is that Islam is not a "religion of peace", leftism and all other forms of collectivism are always doomed to failure and the media, as well as education systems, of Western-style "democracies" do not always tell the truth. The ATC is committed to the defense of freedom and is the home of media and other information that leftists, Islamic terrorists and many other powerful people don't want you to see!
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Daniel Hall

Is It Racist to be White?

Posted on April 3, 2009 at 00:01:50 EST
by Stalfos Conner

Copyright © 2003-2018 The Anti-Terrorism Coalition. All rights reserved.

Leftists and the modern black civil rights movement (which is also leftist) are waging a major campaign against what they perceive to be "racism" being committed by whites. White leftists constitute a major part of this campaign.

In schools, in the USA, as well as, in Western Europe, children are bombarded with stories on slavery and the government and institutional racism that followed, even though racist government and institutional policies were outlawed in the 1960s. Today, in the USA, civil rights activist Martin Luther King's birthday is a national holiday (and rightfully so), there is a black history month in February, among other celebrations and/or remembrances. Strangely, no president's birthday – not even George Washington's, nor even Presidents' Day (which marks the birthdays of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln) – receives as much attention as these holidays.

Black people have had equal rights throughout the Western world for at least forty years. The current (and previous) generations of white people have absolutely nothing to do with not only slavery in the Western World (which ended in the 1800s), but also with the oppression of black people in general (with only a few exceptions). Louis Farrakhan and an army of fellow black supremacists (along with even some of the mainstream of the modern black civil rights movement) like to claim that due to the fact that blacks were enslaved until 1865 and did not receive equal rights until the late 1960s, white people are in a "privileged" position today and thus, black people continue to suffer as a result of that.

Perhaps Michelle Obama, the wife of USA president Barack Hussein Obama II, echoed this sentiment in a speech she gave to a Milwaukee crowd when her husband was president, stating that "for the first time in my adult life, I am proud of my country". Yes, America's First Lady, despite the fact that she grew up in a privileged middle class family; and despite the fact that she became rich, thanks only to the great opportunities that the USA has to offer to its citizens, she was not proud of the USA up until her husband became a presidential candidate with good chances of becoming a president. Needless to say, leftists didn't see any problem with that. However, it does sum up what black supremacists want. Some, like Louis Farrakhan, aren't shy about it. They have repeatedly and clearly voiced – what leftists call, in their case, an "opinion" – that the only way whites can repay blacks is by giving them their entire country.

Interestingly, the number of Muslims among black "civil rights" activists is amazingly high. That's quite ironic since Arab Muslims have been practicing slavery since the 7th century – as instructed by Islam (and was instructed by Muhammad). By the 8th century, Islam had spread well into Africa and Muslims began to enslave huge numbers of blacks. In fact, they enslaved so many blacks that "abd", the Arabic word for "slave", also began to be used as a derogatory term for a black person (in other words, the Arabic version of the n-word). Eventually, the Europeans decided to follow the Muslims in using blacks as slaves, often buying blacks directly from Muslims, though for purely for economic reasons. And so began the Atlantic Slave Trade.

About 12 million African slaves were shipped to the Americas, of which only 5.4% were shipped to the USA, between the 16th to the 19th centuries. Most of the slaves where shipped to Brazil. Some blacks captured and sold other blacks (in some cases, even from their own tribes) to the Europeans. Speaking of which, some people claim that those blacks did not know that they were selling their people into slavery. Right, they were so dumb that they didn't realize for whole centuries that they were trading their own people out to slavery?

Under the Islamic slave trade, on the other hand, blacks were not the only people that were enslaved. Many whites, especially of Slavic origin (from Eastern Europe), as well as those from other Mediterranean countries, along with even Middle Easterners, such as Persians, Turks, Georgians, Armenians, Asians and Berbers, were also enslaved. Needless to say, this is barely (if at all) taught in schools and colleges in the West or anywhere else for that matter. In fact, the English word "slave" originates from the word "Slav", which is, of course, the name for a person of Slavic origin.

Slavery, abuse, terrorism and/or racism by Muslims against non-Muslims is deeply rooted in the history of many nations.

Serbia, for example, which is the homeland of a Slavic people (they are white), has always had friendly and excellent relationships with African countries. Like black people, Serbs were targeted (and are still targeted) by Islamic terrorists. Although they have always fought back against slavery, they couldn't always defend themselves against Islamic terrorism. Furthermore, Muslims use their women primarily for their own sexual pleasures and for producing and raising children – almost as much as they can. Thus, under Islam, Muslim women are themselves, slaves.

The Ottoman Empire, which can be seen as the Turkish and Islamic equivalent of the Nazi regime, terrorized both Serbs and blacks for hundreds of years.

In 1809 in Čegar Hill, Serbian insurrectionists suffered their greatest defeat in the First Serbian Uprising against the Ottoman terrorists. The insurrectionists were stopped in Niš when the Ottoman terrorist forces launched a devastating attack against them. After the defeat, Ottoman terrorist commander Hrsid Pasha ordered that the heads of the killed Serbs were to be mounted on a tower to serve as a warning to any other would-be revolutionaries. In total, 952 skills were included. The scalps from the skulls were stuffed with cotton and sent to Constantinople (which had been stolen by the Ottoman terrorists from the Byzantine Empire centuries earlier) as a gift for Sultan Mahmud II.

The tower stood in the open air until the liberation of Niš in 1878. By that time, much of the tower had deteriorated from weather conditions or from the removal of skulls for burial by relatives of the killed rebels. In 1892, with donations gathered from all over Serbia, a graceful chapel designed by the Belgrade architect Dimitrije T. Leko was built to enclose what was left of the tower. Today, only 58 skulls remain, including Sinđelić's one. It's called the "Skull Tower" ("Ćele Kula" in Serbian).

"If you meet them in battle, inflict on them such a defeat as would be a lesson for those who come after them, that they may be warned", Quran 8:57.

The very same Ottoman Empire played a key role in both the enslavement and slave trade of blacks. Many more examples could be given. For any black individual to blame "whites" for what their ancestors suffered or for what they are presently suffering as a consequence thereof – especially Muslim blacks – is utterly disgusting. Not all whites have engaged in slavery. Not all blacks were victims of slavery. There are unfortunately both white and black racists. There were whites who fought slavery and blacks who have engaged in slavery.

In fact, whites have outlawed slavery and pressed Islamic countries to do the same.

Nevertheless, after the illegal declaration of independence from Serbia by Albanian Muslims in the Serbian province of Kosovo, as planned by fascist leaders Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini, some African countries decided to recognize the terrorist state, despite Serbian (and Russian) protests, most notably Liberia (more on Liberia later on) and the Islamic states of Senegal and Burkina Faso.

About ten to eleven centuries after Muslims began to terrorize and enslave Africans, the slave trade from east Africa began to increase. Ibn Khaldun, an Arab Muslim sociologist, wrote "the [black] nations are, as a rule, submissive to slavery because they have little that is essentially human and possess attributes that are quite similar to those of dumb animals".

The Quran, at 8:1, states "they question you about (windfalls taken as) spoils of war. Say: ‘Booty is at the disposal of Allah and the Messenger; they belong to Us and are for Our benefit. So fear Allah, and adjust your way of thinking in this matter. Obey Allah and His Messenger'".

Indeed, Muslims have squatted, invaded and terrorized northern Africa, and slaughtered, enslaved and exterminated nearly all blacks in northern Africa.

"Allah wished to confirm the truth by His words: ‘Wipe the infidels out to the last.'", Quran 8:7. "So, fight [non-Muslims] till all opposition ends and the only religion is Islam", Quran 8:39. There's more in the Quran where that came from.

Of course, this is also something that is not being taught in Western schools and universities.

In the 18th century, slavery began to get – very fortunately – abolished in countries throughout the West. In turn, and with the help of whites, slavery was outlawed in many parts of Africa because of that. In fact, as stated before, whites have pressed the Islamic world as a whole to outlaw slavery as well.

Unfortunately, slavery has never been fully outlawed throughout Africa. Slavery continues to exist there today.

Moreover, blacks enslaved fellow blacks even before Muslims did so. Slavery (blacks, Arabs or Muslims enslaving blacks) has existed for thousands of years in Africa. No continent has a longer history of slavery than Africa.

Due to the amazingly long history of black enslavement by the Muslims, the majority of black slaves were converted to Islam (in some cases, they did so voluntarily, in order to attempt to escape slavery), thus becoming Muslims themselves. As a result, a sizeable portion of the blacks that were shipped to the USA, were Muslims.

In fact, Islam's founder, Muhammad, and many of his companions bought, sold and owned slaves.

However, there was little tolerance for Islam in the USA and rightfully so. Islam is what caused blacks to end up as slaves of whites in the first place. Slaves were often forced to convert to Christianity. The majority of blacks became Christians after many generations.

Once blacks began to gain civil rights, Islam began to find its way back to the black community in the USA. Organizations and cults in support of returning the black community to Islam came about, such as the Moorish Science Temple of America (which has absolutely nothing to do with science) in 1913 and the Nation of Islam in 1930.

Elijah Muhammad, the former leader of the Nation of Islam cult, taught that blacks were the original people on the Earth and had been tricked out of their power, conquered and oppressed by whites via a global (conspiracy) system of white supremacy. He taught that the white race was produced through a series of genetic breeding experiments conducted by a person called Yakub.

According to the official platform, as stated by Elijah Muhammad, the Nation of Islam demands, "a full and complete freedom, equal justice under the law applied equally to all, regardless of race or class or color and equal membership in the society with the best in civilized society". The alternative, "justifies our demand for complete separation in a state or territory of our own".

According to the Nation of Islam, Yakub is the scientist who created the white race (including Jews) by using black genes from the original black population of the world. According to Malcolm X, a black Muslim minister, all races except the black race were by-products of Yakub's work. Although the reasons for Yakub's actions are never explained, white people, alongside Jews, are considered the race of devils, by the doctrine of Yakub.

The doctrine of Yakub was invented by Wallace Fard Muhammad, the founder of Nation of Islam, and developed further by successor Elijah Muhammad.

Despite the fact that all races are considered to be the race of devils, except of course the black race, the Nation of Islam follows the cult of Islam, a cult created by an Arab called "Muhammad" who was not black.

Another major flaw in the doctrine of Yakub is, of course, that thousands and thousands of years ago science was not even progressed to the point of automobiles, leave alone the development of intelligent creatures – which is not possible even today.

In fact, the Nation of Islam violates the teachings of Islam constantly. In Islam, Allah is the creator of mankind. It is an insult to Allah to credit someone else for his alleged work, according to Islam.

Allah doesn't have a problem with whites. Allah's racism is directed against desert Arabs, as the Quran states at 9:97: "the Arabs of the desert are the worst in unbelief and hypocrisy, and most fitted to be in ignorance of the command which Allah hath sent down to His Messenger".

Islam specifically states that its founder, Muhammad, is the last prophet: "Muhammad is not the father of any of your men, but (he is) the Messenger of Allah, and the Seal of the Prophets: and Allah has full knowledge of all things.", Quran 33:40. It's, again, a violation to Islam's teachings to teach otherwise in the name of Islam. It's an even bigger insult to Islam to regard any human to be Allah. Yet, that is exactly what the Nation of Islam does.

But if one Muslim kills a "Muslim" from the Nation of Islam, Islam has a solution: "Never should a believer kill a believer; but (If it so happens) by mistake, (Compensation is due): If one (so) kills a believer, it is ordained that he should free a believing slave, and pay compensation to the deceased's family, unless they remit it freely. If the deceased belonged to a people at war with you, and he was a believer, the freeing of a believing slave (Is enough). If he belonged to a people with whom ye have treaty of Mutual alliance, compensation should be paid to his family, and a believing slave be freed. For those who find this beyond their means, (is prescribed) a fast for two months running: by way of repentance to Allah: for Allah hath all knowledge and all wisdom.", Quran 4:92.

Elijah Muhammad or Wallace Fard Muhammad founded a new cult, with its own teachings added to Islam. Elijah Muhammad went even as far as to claim that Wallace Fard Muhammad was the Mahdi (the prophesied redeemer of Islam who will rid the world of error and "tyranny" (never minding that Islam is theocratic fascist tyranny itself)) and yes, even Allah himself. Wallace Fard Muhammad's birthday is also celebrated by the Nation of Islam as "Savior's Day".

African nations have been around longer than the USA and European nations combined – Africans had a major head start! It is not the fault of either Americans or Europeans that Africa is the most impoverished continent in the world. On the other hand, white dominant continents North America, Australia and Europe are the most successful continents in the world.

How exactly are Africa's problems the fault of whites?

In the 1960s and 1970s, another black supremacist organization was founded, the Black Panther Party, which can be seen as the black and communist equivalent of the Ku Klux Klan. It was founded by communists and black supremacists Bobby Seale and Huey Percy Newton. The latter is also a convicted murderer (of a white police man).

The Black Panthers saw whites as oppressors that could only be overcome by a willingness to take up armed "self-defense". The party philosophy was one that espoused the political views of Malcolm X and principles of Marxism-Leninism that called for an end of the exploitation of the black masses by capitalists, and a redistribution of wealth. The party leaders relied on the works of Karl Marx, Lenin, and Mao to inform how they organized as a revolutionary cadre. In consciously working toward a revolution, they considered themselves the vanguard party, "committed to organizing support for a socialist revolution."

Among radical leftist organizations, the Panthers' reputation for violence was unrivaled by basically anyone. From the beginning, the Black Panther Party used violence to further their goals. The Black Panthers were particularly against police officers, which they equated with "pigs". From the fall of 1967 through the end of 1969, nine police officers were killed and 56 were wounded in confrontations with the Panthers. The confrontations were believed to have resulted in ten Panther deaths and an unknown number of injuries. In 1969 alone, 348 Panthers were arrested for a variety of crimes.

Fortunately, the organization disbanded due to rising legal costs and internal disputes.

Interestingly, despite black supremacy, the Black Panthers adopted leftist ideologies that were invented by whites and other non-blacks. They in particular were inspired by the white founder of communism, Karl Heinrich Marx, and the Chinese military and political leader Mao Zedong. Mao Zedong is responsible for the murder of about 100 million people, much more than Hitler and his fellow Nazis, who are responsible for killing about 30 million people.

In 1989, a group calling themselves the New Black Panther Party was formed. They claim to uphold the legacy of the original Black Panthers. In fact, in order to justify the original Black Panthers' use of the white-made ideology of communism, the New Black Panthers claimed that Karl Marx based his ideology and teachings on indigenous African cultures – an obvious twisting and bending of history. However, the New Black Panthers claim to not need to look to Marxism or Maoism as a basis for their programs, but can look to ideologies that stem directly from those African origins.

The New Black Panther Party goes even further. Since they no longer see communism as being invented by Karl Marx, a (self hating) Jew, the New Black Panthers can hate Jews now too. Indeed, Nation of Islam minister and former national chairman of the New Black Panthers, Khalid Abdul Muhammad, blamed slavery and even the Holocaust on the "hooked-nose, bagel-eating, lox-eating, perpetrating-a-fraud, so called Jew" (in his own words).

They also blame Jews for the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in New York City and Washington, DC.

Apparently, the New Black Panthers haven't had an education in history, as evident by their many ridiculous claims. Jews were enslaved by Africans before Americans enslaved blacks. In fact, the history of Jews under Egyptian slavery is a crucial part of their religion.

During the 2008 election, poll watchers found a pair of New Black Panther Militia members outside of a polling place in Philadelphia. One of the two was a poll watcher, while the other was a Black Panther member who had brought a nightstick. Chris Hill, a Republican poll watcher, stated that voters had been complaining about intimidation, while the DA's office stated that they had not been contacted by voters. The Black Panther member with the nightstick was escorted away by the police. According to Fox News, the remaining member denied all reports to reporters, and even when shown the video tape of the whole ordeal, he said, "I don't know what ya crackas talking about."

What were they trying to achieve? But of course, to scare people away from voting for the rival of their favorite "black" candidate, Barack Hussein Obama.

Unfortunately, the New Black Panther Party continues to exist.

Imagine if North Korean or Chinese communists would invade the USA, terrorize its citizens, commit genocides, enslave white Americans and impose a communist ideology on them, such as Marxism, Stalinism, Leninism or Juche. Americans are then forced to change their names to "communist" names. For some reason, many white American slaves decide to convert to communism and some of them even go as far as trading out their own people to the communists for the purpose of slavery.

Then, blacks from whatever African country come to the USA to profit from communist slavery. They ship thousands and thousands of slaves to Africa, but the slaves aren't allowed to adhere to communism. Instead, they have to convert to, for example, Judaism. They also have to change their names to Jewish names.

Finally, slavery in Africa gets abolished alongside any racism against whites and whites get equal rights. However, that isn't enough for some whites. Nope, they turn white nationalism into socialism, change their names back to their communist names and preach for the destruction of Africa in favor of a white run communist African state!

As convoluted as all of this sounds, THIS IS THE EXACT STORY OF BLACK AMERICANS! Theocratic fascists (Muslims) invaded Africa, committed genocides against blacks, enslaved blacks, converted them to Islam and sold many of them to other slave owners. A tiny percentage of those black slaves ended up being sold into slavery in the USA. Fortunately, slavery got abolished alongside racism. However, that wasn't enough for some blacks. Instead, they turned to black nationalism and socialism (creating a black supremacist ideology rooted in both black nationalism and socialism), changed their names back to their theocratic fascist slave names and now preach for the destruction of the USA, in favor of a theocratic fascist black run state!

Interestingly, there is already a black American (established) state and it is located in Africa. Blacks saw (and some still see) Africa as the "promised land". Whites feared that due to cultural differences, racism and societal differences, they and blacks would not live together in peace and harmony, despite abolition of slavery.

As a result, the ACS (Society for the Colonization of Free People of Color of America (also known as the American Colonization Society)) was founded in 1816. Eight years later, the ACS established the colony of Liberia on the west coast of Africa. By 1867, more than 13,000 blacks were sent to Liberia.

The ACS encouraged slaveholders to offer freedom to slaves on the condition that those accepting it would move to Liberia at the ACS's expense.

In Liberia, the natives opposed the black immigrants from the USA and found themselves engaged in armed combat with them all the time. The immigrants identified themselves as "Americans".

Eventually, Liberia became a financial burden on the ACS. The ACS became bankrupt and in 1847 and lost control over Liberia. Fearful that the British colonial authorities might annex Liberia, the ACS directed the Liberians to proclaim their independence. In 1847, Liberia became an independent nation.

Historically, Liberia has enjoyed the support and unofficial cooperation of the United States government. Liberia's government, modeled after that of the United States, was democratic in structure, if not always in substance. Even its flag and almost everything else was modeled on that of the United States.

The result? Liberia has become one of the world's most impoverished nations. Nevertheless, as of 2006, Liberia has the highest population growth in the world.

Due to history of blacks in the USA, there are now several groups of blacks in the USA – all leftists – who preach for the destruction of white civilizations and the creation of either communist or Islamic states.

Unfortunately, the majority of blacks have been victimized by them (yet again they have been betrayed by their own people).

The problems innocent blacks claim to face are the result of generations and generations of brainwashing by the leftists (black socialists, black theocratic fascists and mainstream (white) leftists). It has nothing do with white racism or with the slavery that was very fortunately abolished over 150 years ago. They face the same problems other freedom loving people do: leftism.

Mainstream leftists (mainly liberals) are obsessed with equalizing everything and everyone. They only care about blacks in the sense that as fellow leftists (such as black socialists and theocratic fascists) they share the same ideological principles on equality.

The black community is (perceived as) a minority in the USA. For as long as that holds true, mainstream leftists will tolerate anything the black community does.

For mainstream leftists, it is not enough to give minorities equal rights. They want minorities to also be equal in population and political power to the majority. Therefore, for as long as a minority is not equal in every possible way to the majority, they can't possibly be racist, terrorist and so on. Even if an individual explicitly acknowledges his being racist, the majority of leftists will defend such racism as being only racism against "racism".

In fact, leftists have turned such discrimination into policies, known as "affirmative action" (also known as "positive discrimination"). Affirmative action is a form of collectivism, in which policies serve to discriminate against the majority, rich and/or intellectuals for the benefit of another group, in particular minorities (such as blacks), the sexually perverted and/or leftists, for the purpose of creating a classless society (in other words, implementing the leftist ideology of communism).

Affirmative action policies are already legalized and in effect in Canada, Germany, Norway, Brazil, China, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Macedonia and some other countries. In almost all cases, affirmative action policies directly benefit blacks and Muslims.

Islamic countries don't have affirmative action policies. They are much more progressed in leftism. They have theocratic fascist policies, which prohibit non-Muslims from nearly everything, including driving on certain highways. In fact, special taxes for non-Muslims living in Islamic states exist as well, among many other oppressive policies.

Although affirmative action policies are not directly legalized in the USA, the USA does allow black racism in almost all cases, while banning white racism in exactly the same cases.

There is a "United Negro College Fund" in the USA. Can you imagine a "United Caucasian College Fund" or "United White College Fund"? If such an organization would be founded and supported by the government of the USA, opposition from blacks and white leftists could even lead to a civil war.

Leftists will support anything, be it racism, sexual perversity or whatever else, for as long as – and if and only if – they can use it to push collectivism and socialist "equality" on everyone.

Black supremacists (in particular black theocratic fascists) want equality only among themselves. In other words, they want to eradicate everyone who is superior to them, including fellow blacks who disagree with them. Ideologically, they are most closely related to the Germanic supremacists who called themselves Nazis.

Racism exists almost everywhere, unfortunately. It is not limited to any race.

The fact is that racism against blacks is almost something of the past in the USA. Blacks must come to terms with that and not blame others for their own failures. The every day black individual has to realize that they have been brainwashed to believe that racism against them is as common as they think it is, and that, like any other group of people, they make mistakes.

There is not a single black country in the world that is not impoverished. There is also not a single black country in the world where human rights are not violated frequently. White countries have their fair share of impoverishment and human rights abuses but they also account for the most successful countries in the world, both in political and economic terms.

There is no single black country in the world that has ever elected a white president. On the other hand, the USA has elected in 2008 a black man to the presidency.

Blacks didn't have the American Constitution (or anything remotely similar to it) in Africa. Whites invented it, alongside democracy, capitalism and even communism and so forth. Blacks barely had any rights in Africa and they still barely have any rights in Africa. The freedoms and individual rights blacks are enjoying in white countries have been invented by whites and given to them by the whites. Yes, those very same rights black supremacists are using to fight white civilizations.

More examples could be given. The point is that black racism against whites won't hold, just as, white racism against blacks didn't hold either, because whites – very fortunately – came to their senses and realized it was wrong. Black supremacists should first take a very good look at themselves and their people before they even think about pointing fingers to others.

Do blacks really need anything like "affirmative action" or "positive discrimination"? Are they incapable of becoming successful in education or in various careers otherwise? Of course not! They can succeed, but they too need to fight leftism, which preaches for inequality (such as "affirmative action), genocides against people (whatever race they may be) and the creation of Islamic and/or communist states.

Furthermore, why do the majority of blacks refer to themselves as "African-American" anyways? Why not just "American"? Have they ever been to Africa? Do they want to return to Africa? White Americans identify themselves simply as "American", regardless where their ancestors come from. Why are the black Americans not doing the same? Do they want to be treated differently? Why do many in America often refer to some sort of "black America" (when discussing the black community in America), as if it is some sort of nation within America? Why not just "America" – one, unified and colorblind America?

During the 2008 presidential elections, leftists constantly accused anyone who didn't support Obama of racism. Are we supposed to vote for someone because of their skin color?

More blacks voted in the November 2008 presidential election than in any other election in the history of the United States! About 96%-97% of them voted for Barack Hussein Obama. In the aftermath of his victory in the election, the mainstream media, along with a majority of blacks and a majority of leftists claimed "we made history" by electing the first "African-American" president. In other words, a large number of people voted for a candidate just because he was black! It wasn't his political positions, his political connections, his overall record, or anything else that made him the favored candidate; it was simply the fact that he was black!

How exactly is it not racist to vote for someone because of his skin color? Is this what Martin Luther King wanted? Martin Luther King, whom the black community proudly (and rightfully) references all the time, said "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character".

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