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Our freedom, our way of life and our very lives are being threatened. However, the enemy is not just a few terrorists living in caves on the Afghan-Pakistani border, but all those who seek to take away our freedoms, whether it be those who capitalize on the politics of fear; those who deny others their freedom of speech under the banners of political correctness and "hate speech"; and anyone else who purposely misrepresents, covers up or entirely lies about the truth, regardless of the reasons they do it for. The truth is that Islam is not a "religion of peace", leftism and all other forms of collectivism are always doomed to failure and the media, as well as education systems, of Western-style "democracies" do not always tell the truth. The ATC is committed to the defense of freedom and is the home of media and other information that leftists, Islamic terrorists and many other powerful people don't want you to see!
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Daniel Hall

US Government to Censor Internet

Posted on April 20, 2009 at 01:34:03 EST
by Benyamin B

Copyright © 2003-2018 The Anti-Terrorism Coalition. All rights reserved.

Remember when President Barack Hussein Obama promised to support Net Neutrality and freedom of speech on the internet in general during his campaign? Now, not even three months into his presidency, he is likely to sign a bill (if it makes it through the legislature) being sponsored by Senators John Rockefeller (D) (a member of the prominent family heavily involved in globalist organizations and groups) and Olympia Snowe (R) that will give him the power to:

1) "Declare a cybersecurity emergency and order the limitation or shutdown of internet traffic to and from any compromised Federal government or United States critical infrastructure information system or network" (Sec. 18(2))

Note: The term "United States critical infrastructure information system or network" includes federal, state and local governmental, as well as non-governmental systems or networks – in other words, everything.

2) The President also "shall have access to all relevant data concerning such networks without regard to any provision of law, regulation, rule or policy restricting such access." (Sec. 14(b)(1))

3) According to the blog Legal Insurrection (, a discussion of the bill on other blogs has resulted in the following description of the consequences of this bill:

"The bill would also impose mandates for designated private networks and systems, including standardized security software, testing, licensing and certification of cyber-security professionals.

"Requiring firms to get government approval for new software would hamper innovation and would have a negative effect on security," Nojeim said. "If everyone builds to the same standard and the bad guys know those standards it makes it easier for the bad guys."

In other words, the government will have total control of the internet, with the right to see everything you say be it on forums, blogs, networking sites such as Facebook or MySpace, instant messages, emails and so on; take down any kind of website, forum, group or even entire network that it wants; and force its own standards down the throats of the IT professionals and entrepreneurs that have made success, prosperity and fun on the internet possible.

Of course, advocates for this bill argue that it will help curb the threat of malicious activity online and make the US more immune for cyber attack. Yet, any cyber security expert will tell you that there is nothing that will ever put an end to spyware, malware, viruses and hackers. The concept of no fortification being completely impenetrable is not one that applies only offline. Every time a defensive security measure is created, a way to breach it is discovered. This is why cyber security experts are constantly working on new encryption algorithms, new access infrastructure and so on. Within a few years, some of these algorithms and systems will become obsolete, as flaws will be discovered in them and/or they will be breached on way or another.

In the case of malicious software, matters are even worse. With literally millions of malicious programs out there, security companies are still only aware of a relatively small portion of them. And, every time a new malicious program is made, it takes a while for security companies to pick them up, then understand them and them create a patch for them.

With this said; however, it is laughable to think that the government would do a better job than the free and independent businesses that are currently in charge. First of all, the best paying jobs are always with the free and independent companies. Secondly, due to the fact that there are multiple independent groups dealing with the same issues, there is bound to be one that will come up with the best solution to a particular issue. Thirdly, there are no limits on the quality of the products and services of companies because they depend on willing investors and more motivated employees; instead of the unwilling investors (taxpayers) and barely motivated employees (bureaucrats) that the government relies on. Fourthly, one doesn’t have to look far to see how well government has handled other industries and services. In fact, we can see how well the government is handling the businesses it’s recently taken control of (or established influence over) – in other words, epic fail.

Another consequence of government control over the internet would be the limitations imposed on businesses. Right away, there would be a great degree of uncertainty, as businesses would no longer have a guarantee that they would remain online (remember Sec. 18(2) of the bill). The government would also impose its standards – standards crafted by bureaucrats and control freaks such as Rahm "Mandatory Service" Emanuel and James Carville – on everyone. Thus, these standards would restrict the ability of IT businesses to conduct business, leading to their demise; which would have the combined effect of eliminating quality security software (and other products) from the market; which would lead to government agencies and individuals alike being less protected from cyber attack.

One now has to wonder: Is the government really that stupid or does this bill have another purpose?

As many of us know, the internet is the information super highway and thus, in unrestricted form, it is a haven for free speech. In fact, thanks to the internet, countless alternative media networks and political advocacy organizations have been created and the government has come under increased scrutiny. No longer are the major media outlets able to keep certain information permanently sealed off from the eyes and ears of the individual. The internet allows for us to hear what the government and major media do not want us to hear and protest it.

Already, many socialist and other authoritarian nations have moved to restrict freedom on the internet as much as possible, with some of them simply restricting unprecedented numbers of websites. For example, China restricts so many websites that its whole censorship system has become known as "The Great Firewall of China". Iran, North Korea, Myanmar and Saudi Arabia also restrict internet access. In the case of Western nations (including Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland), governments there put so much pressure on webmasters and web hosts (by way of legal retribution) that they often refrain from displaying and/or hosting certain content. In addition, some web hosts in these supposedly free nations are given government-made lists of websites to block. Other nations such as France have prosecuted webmasters of websites that criticized Islam, with some facing fines in the tens of thousands of Euros, as well as even several years of imprisonment.

In the case of America, private companies have been known to censors their users. Often, rightist, patriotic, anti-terrorist and other freedom-loving users have been targeted, while leftist, anti-American, racist, pro-terrorist and even terrorist users have been allowed to continue their activities. Major companies such as Yahoo, Google (including YouTube), AOL, MSN, Network Solutions and Facebook are notorious for these double standards (in other words, their leftist bias and their complete disregard for free speech). In recent times, Network Solutions disabled the website of Geert Wilders’ film Fitna, in an attempt to prevent it from being release; while Facebook’s persecution of rightists, anti-terrorists, Israel supporters and other freedom-loving individuals combined with its support for leftists, racists, anti-Semites and pro-terrorists has spawned the rise of activist groups such as The Jewish Internet Defense Force (JIDF) – and Infidel Forces.

One can only imagine what the most intolerant regime toward the Constitution in American history would do to the internet should it be granted the powers in this bill. Not only would this severely damage the IT industry and the quality of security software, but it would destroy freedom of speech on the internet, and thus, freedom of speech as a whole.

Categories: "Freedom go to Hell", America: Red, Red & Red, Barack Hussein Obama, Big Brother on the March, Classical Liberalism, Collectivism vs. Individualism, Communism, Conservatism, Equal rights for you, more rights for me, Fascism, Fitna, Freedom of Speech, Geert Wilders, Leftism, Liberalism, Libertarianism, The Globalist Axis, The Threat from Within, United Islamic States, United Socialist States



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