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Our freedom, our way of life and our very lives are being threatened. However, the enemy is not just a few terrorists living in caves on the Afghan-Pakistani border, but all those who seek to take away our freedoms, whether it be those who capitalize on the politics of fear; those who deny others their freedom of speech under the banners of political correctness and "hate speech"; and anyone else who purposely misrepresents, covers up or entirely lies about the truth, regardless of the reasons they do it for. The truth is that Islam is not a "religion of peace", leftism and all other forms of collectivism are always doomed to failure and the media, as well as education systems, of Western-style "democracies" do not always tell the truth. The ATC is committed to the defense of freedom and is the home of media and other information that leftists, Islamic terrorists and many other powerful people don't want you to see!
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Infidel Forces Leader Provides First Hand Account of Facebook Attacks

Posted on July 10, 2009 at 22:35:07 EST
by Jack Johnson

Copyright © 2003-2022 The Anti-Terrorism Coalition. All rights reserved.

This is Jack Johnson, Commander of Infidel Forces (IF). Before I go through the events of the last week in the best detail I possibly can, I'd like to tell you a little bit about my group and what has taken place in the last few months.

When I joined Facebook, I was quick to notice the huge number of Islamic terrorist, pro-terrorist, radical leftist, anti-Semitic, racist, hateful and other hostile groups on there (which would only get banned if a great deal of pressure – in the form of public outrage – was exerted upon Facebook staff). At the same time, I noticed that anti-terrorist, patriotic, pro-Israel, pro-Indian, pro-American, rightist and other freedom-loving groups and individual users were constantly being banned, warned or otherwise attacked not only by hostile users, but by Facebook staff, themselves. In many cases, when hostile users attacked friendly users and groups, Facebook staff would stand idly by. In some of these cases, the friendly users would retaliate against the hostile users and groups in an eye for an eye response, only to get banned themselves.

Outraged by this American company's bias against anti-terrorist, pro-American, pro-Israel and other friendly individuals and groups, I, along with several people from various friendly groups, such as American Infidel (AI), started Infidel Forces in 2008. To put it bluntly, our initial goal was to simply level the playing field. We intended to accomplish this by taking over the most hateful of hostile groups, while at the same time employing 100% legal means. Soon after, we expanded our mission to infiltrating certain hostile groups, by sending in moles (undercover agents) into them. Within several months, after seeing no change in Facebook's policies, we expanded our operations to all hostile groups.

As we took over more groups, naturally, we began to make more enemies. Several weeks ago, during a major operation, we seized roughly 30 groups in the course of two hours. One of them was a pro-terrorist and extremely noticeably anti-Semitic group: there was an Israeli flag with the Star of David replaced with a swastika. The group was called "Stop the israelian Genocide against Ghaza". Whenever we took over groups, we would update them to have the IF symbol (the American, Israeli, Indian and Serbian flags) and we would place a message usually at the top of the "description" area of the group, stating it had been taken over by us. Before we could do so with the groups we had just seized, we received warnings from Facebook, accusing us of uploading the swastika picture. We did not acknowledge or in any way recognize the legitimacy of these warnings since the Islamic terrorists (or their supporters) that had created the group had uploaded that picture.

I'm quite sure that Facebook was aware of this fact. This was not the first time that it had banned anti-terrorists for uploading or posting pro-terrorist content that had been uploaded by terrorists and their supporters. David Appletree, head of the Jewish Internet Defense Force (JIDF) had been banned on at least one occasion under similar circumstances. In one such instance, when Islamic hackers took over a group controlled by the JIDF, Facebook banned David Appletree, presumably for the actions of the Islamic hackers. In another instance, after a massive pro-Israel group created by a 14 or 15 year old American Jew by the name of Todd Snider was attacked by Islamic hackers, Facebook banned Todd Snider for trying to stand up to the terrorists! From what we know, the Islamic terrorists and their supporters were never banned by Facebook for any such actions.

In response to Facebook's deliberate attacks on anti-terrorists, rightists and other freedom-loving individuals involved in combating the enemy, Infidel Forces adopted the following policy: for every warning received by a friendly, at least one hostile group would be taken over; for every banning of a friendly, at least five hostile groups would be taken over. When Facebook sent us a warning for "uploading" the swastika picture to that extremely hateful and anti-Semitic group ("Stop the israelian Genocide against Ghaza"), we responded by taking over more than several hostile groups.

By July, we were in control of about 150 hostile groups and 15 – 20 friendly groups (that we had secured since they did not have any administrators and were thus susceptible to hostile takeover – on Facebook, if all of a group's administrators are banned, any group member can make him or herself an administrator). We still had to update about half of them to contain the Infidel Forces symbol and a note stating that we had taken them over. Thus, we stopped taking over hostile groups for a few days, in order to be able to do so in a short period of time.

On Thursday, July 2, two high-ranking members of American Infidel (AI) were banned by Facebook. Asked to be identified only as Ben and Hodge, the two were administrators of the Facebook group, American Infidel. They were also great friends and supporters of IF and even helped us out on several occasions, including with administering a few of the groups we had taken over. They were, along with me, administrators of the group "Stop the israelian Genocide against Ghaza" and had also received warnings for "uploading" the picture that had in reality been uploaded by its terrorist and hateful creators.

Both AI members emailed Facebook to ask why they had been banned and requested for their accounts to be reactivated. It took days for Facebook staff to finally get back to them and when it did, both received a very similar reply from a staff member named Lysander, stating:

"One of Facebook's main priorities is the comfort and safety of our users. Your account was disabled because you engaged in behavior other users reported as harassing in nature. It is a violation of Facebook's Terms of Use to harass users on the site, whether through unsolicited messages, friend requests, groups or other features. We will not be able to reactivate your account for any reason. This decision is final.

We would like to investigate this potential abuse on Facebook further. Please provide the following information:

-Web address (URL) to the page containing the offending content
-Brief description of its context and nature
-Exact quote of the offensive text including time and date posted (if applicable)
-Exact name and networks of the person responsible
-Web address (URL) to their profile page or search listing

Once we receive this information and can locate the reported material, we will review it and take appropriate action based on our Terms of Use. Rest assured that this report will be kept confidential.

Thanks for your understanding,

Lysander User Operations Facebook"

One of the AI members was not even asked to provide any information and Facebook's email to him simply ended with the statement that their decision was final (thus, the responses by Facebook to both of them was identical with the exception of their request to one of them to provide information on the "offending content"). Of course, it is rather hard to provide information on any groups at all to Facebook when one can no longer login to their account!

Both AI members responded by stating that they had not violated any of Facebook's terms, had not harassed anyone at all and demanded their accounts be reactivated. The same staff member once again ignored everything either of them had to say and simply told them:

"We will not be able to reactivate your account for any reason, nor will we provide further explanation of your violation or the systems we have in place. This decision is not negotiable. Please consider this our final correspondence."

As of July 6, this is the final correspondence between Facebook and either of the two to date.

It seems that when we had updated all of our groups to contain the IF symbol, hostile users reported IF and its allies for posting "harassing" material (apparently, the American, Israeli, Indian and Serbian flags are considered "harassing" to individual users, yet swastikas and statements in support of killing non-Muslims were allowed to remain on groups for months and even years, in most cases). Additionally, this was the beginning of yet another period of big growth for IF – something that Facebook staff (who were probably already watching us closely) felt threatened by.

While the AI members were attempting to get their accounts reactivated, IF began to assemble a major coalition for a massive offensive against hostile groups, directly in retaliation for the banning of our two allies. Some small scale group takeovers commenced on July 3, but no major action was planned until after Independence Day. We also finished updating all the groups we had taken over and were about to reinforce them with additional administrators (something we wanted to do as soon as possible, as we had every reason to believe that we could be next to be targeted by Facebook).

Indeed, in the afternoon of Sunday, July 5, hours before we would have reinforced all the groups, my account was banned. Since only I was the administrator of all of our groups, at this stage, approximately 40% of our groups were no longer secure and thus, susceptible to hostile takeover. Mike Jenkins, the Vice Commander of Infidel Forces, was an administrator of the majority of our groups. Other IF members and several AI members (but mainly the two that had been banned) were also administrators of some of our groups. To make matters worse, Mike Jenkins was having trouble logging into his account.

Around 15:30 EST (not more than an hour or two after I had been banned), I sent an email out to Jack Turner, the head representative of the Anti-Terrorism Coalition (ATC) on Facebook, asking him to secure as many of the groups as possible. Jack Turner received the email roughly two hours later and immediately moved to secure as many groups as possible. However, within just ten minutes, he too was banned.

Meanwhile, Mike Jenkins was still having trouble logging into his account, even though he remembered his password clearly. It appears that his password had deliberately been reset. He was only able to get in several hours later. Upon logging in, he quickly moved to secure all of our groups that were insecure. However, Facebook placed a message on all the groups, stating something along the lines of "members will have the option to become admins shortly". Thus, Mike was not even able to become an administrator of any of the groups he had joined.

On the next day (Monday, July 6), Mike discovered that his account had also been disabled. This meant that at least 95% of IF's groups were no longer in friendly hands (in fact, they were in no hands at all) and could thus be taken over by hostiles at any time.

It was later discovered that several other members of Infidel Forces had been banned.

Earlier, on July 5, before any members of IF had been banned, we had been in control of well over 150 hostile groups and 15 – 20 friendly groups (that we had secured in order to prevent hostiles from taking them over). We had also liberated several friendly groups that had been under enemy control. Now, nearly all of these groups were in danger of once again falling into enemy hands.

Yet, this wasn't all. Facebook banned all of AI's and IF's undercover accounts, which were being used to infiltrate hostile groups. In other words, Facebook also completely destroyed all of our and our closest ally's undercover investigations of hostile groups on their site.

Additionally, another member of the ATC (who is one of the administrators of the ATC fan page on Facebook), also had difficulties logging into his account and had to reset his password, in order to be able to login. It appears that his password had intentionally been reset by someone. Fortunately, on Thursday, July 9, the ATC was still in control of its fan page.

In total, almost ten friendly accounts were banned, along with a sizable number of undercover (fake hostile) accounts (a number I do not wish to disclose for obvious reasons).

Many allied groups, including AI, were affected by Facebook's attacks in an indirect way: they lost any threads on their discussion boards that had been started by any of the banned individuals and any posts (whether it be a link, video, message on the discussion board or message on the wall) made by any of them. AI, for example, is missing a huge amount of posts and threads. This has, of course, killed or severely hampered the dialogues, discussions and debates that were going on at AI's group and many other friendly groups.

At the same time, hostile users on Facebook have been declaring victory, upon hearing the news. I cannot deny that Facebook has handed them the great victory that they had badly desired for quite a while – one that apparently even Allah couldn't give them, despite all their prayers. IF has lost about 90% of its operational ability on Facebook. AI has taken a "moderate to big hit", according to their leadership. According to the ATC's leadership, "the ATC has taken only a very slight hit"; however. Other allied groups have also been hit in one way or another (mainly due to the huge amount of posts and threads that were deleted when Facebook banned us and our allies).

It's also interesting to note how quickly Facebook banned all those other people, after I had been banned. Jack Turner was banned only ten minutes after he had logged on and simply joined twenty to thirty groups. Mike Jenkins was banned after he joined some groups, as well. Even more interesting is the fact that our undercover accounts were all banned. Finally, we have to note the fact that Mike Jenkins and another ATC member both had trouble logging into their accounts because both of their passwords were deliberately reset. It is clear that Facebook had (and still has) our and our allies' usernames and at least some of our groups and fan pages, as well as our IPs, flagged. I've also been told that Facebook has been watching the JIDF fan page like a hawk and visiting allied websites, including the JIDF and ATC Websites. Facebook clearly had (and continues to have) a major problem with what we were doing.

These attacks also came at a time when we were gaining a lot of support and attention. Had everything continued at the rate it was going, we would have become a much more well-known group with a great deal of attention, at which point any attempt by Facebook to ban us would have resulted in a significant public backlash against it. Thus, we were attacked at a time when Facebook thought it could get rid of us (and our allies) permanently, while at the same time putting other allied groups in their place, by making them afraid of taking any serious action.

This brings us to a serious question: whose side is Facebook on? I really don't know any more. Before these attacks, I was willing to accept the ideas that only some elements of Facebook's staff were biased toward the enemy and radical leftist causes due to their Chamberlainian ideals and/or that Facebook's owners believed they would alienate more users by opposing the terrorists. Now, Facebook has shown that it not only harbors the terrorists and their supporters, but it even fights their battles for them. This American company literally fights alongside the people who would kill all of its male employees and put all of its female employees in burqas. Like outright Marxist-Leninist and fascist organizations, Facebook fights against free nations and freedom-loving groups, on the side of the Islamic terrorists and their supporters (of course, I should note that we also took action against Marxist-Leninists and fascists).

So, can Facebook's owners and staff really be so incredibly naive and ignorant that they make Neville Chamberlain look like Winston Churchill in comparison to them? That's still a possibility, but at this point, I wouldn't discount the possibility of it being something even worse.

The extent of the damage done to the cause of anti-terrorism on Facebook is simply astounding. I have never seen anything like this on that website or on any Western-based networking website. None of the anti-terrorists I've encountered have ever seen anything like this there, either. This is perhaps the biggest attack on anti-terrorism ever to occur on Facebook, to date.

However, Facebook should know that they have failed to permanently get rid of us. We shall return in greater force and we will continue with our operations and we will seize greater numbers of hostile groups than ever before at unprecedented rates.

Categories: "Freedom go to Hell", America: Red, Red & Red, Anti-Terrorism, Barbary Pirates Reloaded, Big Brother on the March, Collectivism vs. Individualism, Communism, Equal rights for you, more rights for me, Eurabia, Fascism, Fatal Dependency, Freedom isn't Free, Freedom of Speech, Freedom Returns Fire, Islam, Leftism, Liberalism, Never Again, Racism, Religion, Rightism is Right, Sharia, Socialism, Terrorism, The Axis of Dhimmitude, The Axis of Evil, The Coalition of the Free, The Global Gulag, The Globalist Axis, The Threat from Within, Theocratic Fascism on the March, United Islamic States, United Socialist States



That really captures the spirit of it. Thanks for posting.

Posted by Ganesh on May 2, 2016 at 08:18:55 EST from Ganesh.

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