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Our freedom, our way of life and our very lives are being threatened. However, the enemy is not just a few terrorists living in caves on the Afghan-Pakistani border, but all those who seek to take away our freedoms, whether it be those who capitalize on the politics of fear; those who deny others their freedom of speech under the banners of political correctness and "hate speech"; and anyone else who purposely misrepresents, covers up or entirely lies about the truth, regardless of the reasons they do it for. The truth is that Islam is not a "religion of peace", leftism and all other forms of collectivism are always doomed to failure and the media, as well as education systems, of Western-style "democracies" do not always tell the truth. The ATC is committed to the defense of freedom and is the home of media and other information that leftists, Islamic terrorists and many other powerful people don't want you to see!
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Traitors are always worse than the Enemy: War on the Dhimmis!

Posted on May 11, 2008 at 18:00:00 EST
by Benyamin B

Copyright © 2003-2018 The Anti-Terrorism Coalition. All rights reserved.

As you should know, the Koran commands Muslims to kill non-Muslims and conquer their lands. It commands them to take Jews and Christian not as friends, but as friends to one another. There are over 123 verses in the Koran that state exactly that.

It appears that many Muslims follow the Koran word for word, since Islam has spread only with the sword throughout its history. Everywhere where there have been Muslims, there has been Islamic terrorism. Within 100 years of being founded, Islam had conquered the entire Middle East, major parts of Africa, and reached India. Now, the Islamic World takes up 1/5 of the world's land area, and as of February 17, 2008, with the illegal "independence" of Kosovo, made possible through force by none other than Western nations, it has officially added some more land to its growing Khalifate.

The illegal "independence" of Kosovo has happened despite the fact that America has been under attack by Islam since the Barbary Pirate attacks of the 1780s and 1790s. Europe itself, has, in fact been under attack by Islam since the 700s A.D., when Muslims invaded Spain. In the 1500s and once again in 1683, with the Battle of Vienna, Muslims almost succeeded in destroying Christendom.

Yet, today, the majority of Westerners appear to doubt that Islam preaches terrorism and violence and has always spread with the sword. In fact, Westerners will go to great lengths to disguise these facts and to make Islam appear as peaceful as possible.

However, before we ask why Westerners and other non-Muslims would go to such great lengths to defend an ideology with no distinction from Nazism and one that seeks the very extermination of them, we need to make sure we understand what exactly is going on here. In the past weeks, months, and years, I have come across some very interesting debates between non-Muslims who understand the threat of Islam, as well as Islam itself, and non-Muslims that don't understand it:

When leftists and other Dhimmis (non-Muslims who live as second class citizens and appease Muslims in Islam-occupied territories) are presented with Koranic verses that preach terrorism, genocide, violence, killing Jews and Christians, taking Jews and Christians as friends to one another and as enemies of Islam, slavery, and other savagery and barbarism, the typical responses are:

1) That's an "incorrect" translation from the Koran.
2) That was taken "out of context".
3) Not all Muslims follow the Koran.
4) The Koran doesn't say any of this.
5) The Torah and Bible say the same things.
6) A combination of some of these.

However, how does one explain the fact that Mohammad was a terrorist, criminal, pedophile, and barbarian who killed countless non-Muslims, including the Medina Jews? In fact, not only did he order hundreds or even thousands of Jews killed, he is said to have personally beheaded up to several hundred!

Immediately, leftists will issue one of the following responses:

1) This did not happen at all.
2) Everyone was violent back then.
3) The Jews betrayed Mohammad (this one is my personal favorite).

Yet, while it is the consensus of many that Mohammad was peaceful and tolerant, how does one explain the fact that Mecca and Medina were conquered with brutal and ruthless force by Mohammad and his army. How does one explain the fact that those who did not convert were killed? How does one explain the fact that Mohammad and his followers used violence to convert people to Islam and killed almost everyone who refused?

When Mohammad and his followers came to Medina, Medina became a Muslim city. However, the Jews that had been living there for hundreds of years were not willing to leave their faith. At first, after refusing Islam, they were forced to pay a tax (known as jizya). However, within a very short period of time, when the Jews refused subsequent "offers" to convert to Islam, Mohammad and his followers liquidated most of the Jews in Medina, taking the survivors (mainly women) as their wives and slaves.

Most importantly, this was not an isolated incident. The same kind of brutal, ruthless, and savage force was used against all non-Muslims that refused to convert to Islam or support Mohammad and his followers. Arab Pagans, Arab Christians, and Jews were the first victims of Islam. By 800 A.D., Armenians, Byzantines, Greeks, Persians, Black Africans, Hindus, and even Western Europeans were added to this quickly expanding list of victims. When Islam reached the parts of Africa where Black Africans lived, Muslims immediately moved to enslave them. Moreover, so many Blacks in Africa were enslaved by Arab Muslims that "abd", the Arabic word for "slave" also means "Black" (specifically, a Black person). It was also Muslim slave owners who sold Black Africans to Europeans, in what was known as the Atlantic Slave Trade, beginning around the 1400s or 1500s A.D.

It is common for leftists and other terrorist apologists to then try to distance the "religion" of Islam and the actions by a "minority" of "extremists". The evidence that leftists use to back up their claims includes further claims that the Koran condemns murder and considers Muslims who do so to be sinners. Furthermore, leftists even claim that the Koran preaches tolerance.

Some verses from the Koran:

The Koran on murder:

Koran 8:7 "Allah wished to confirm the truth by His words: 'Wipe the infidels [non-Muslims] out to the last.'"

Koran 8:39 "So, fight them till all opposition ends and the only religion is Islam."

Koran 8:59 "The infidels should not think that they can get away from us. Prepare against them whatever arms and weaponry you can muster so that you may terrorize them. They are your enemy and Allah's enemy."

Koran 8:60 "Prepare against them [non-Muslims] whatever arms and cavalry you can muster that you may strike terror in the enemies of Allah [non-Muslims], and others besides them not known to you. Whatever you spend in Allah's Cause will be repaid in full, and no wrong will be done to you."

Koran 9:5 "When the sacred forbidden months for fighting are past, fight and kill disbelievers [non-Muslims] wherever you find them, take them captive, beleaguer them, and lie in wait and ambush them using every stratagem of war"

"O Prophet! Exhort the believers to fight. If there are 20 steadfast men among you, they shall vanquish 200; and if there are a hundred, they shall rout a thousand unbelievers, for they are devoid of understanding." - [Koran: 8:65].

The Koran on tolerance:

"The unbelievers [non-Muslims] are your inveterate foe." [Koran: 4:101 ].

Koran 5:51 "Believers [Muslims], take not Jews and Christians for your friends. They are but friends and protectors to each other."

Koran 2:71 "The semblance of the infidels [non-Muslims] is one who shouts to one who cannot hear. They are deaf, dumb, and blind. They make no sense."

More "civilized" teachings from the Koran:

[Koran: 33.27] And He made you heirs to their land and their dwellings and their property, and (to) a land which you have not yet trodden, and Allah has power over all things.

[Koran: 47.4] So when you meet in battle those who disbelieve, then smite the necks until when you have overcome them, then make (them) prisoners, and afterwards either set them free as a favor or let them ransom (themselves) until the war terminates. That (shall be so); and if Allah had pleased He would certainly have exacted what is due from them, but that He may try some of you by means of others; and (as for) those who are slain in the way of Allah, He will by no means allow their deeds to perish.

[Koran 21:44] Do they see Us advancing, gradually reducing the land (in their control), curtailing its borders on all sides? It is they who will be overcome.

[Koran: 47.35] And be not slack so as to cry for peace and you have the upper hand, and Allah is with you, and He will not bring your deeds to naught.

"It is not fitting for a Prophet that he should have prisoners of war until he has made a great slaughter in the land." [Koran 8:67].

These verses are just a sample. The Koran contains more than 123 verses that command Muslims to kill non-Muslims, to hate non-Muslims, to conquer the lands of non-Muslims, and to commit other forms of barbarism.

The most common leftist responses to this are (from among the six main claims above) claims two (these verses were taken "out of context") and four (the Koran doesn't say any of this at all). I guess it is pretty easy to mistake hundreds of verses in the Koran that explicitly tell Muslims to kill non-Muslims, conquer the lands of non-Muslims, and "take not Jews and Christians for your friends. They are but friends and protectors to each other." Clearly, all of these verses have been taken out of context. Similarly, 100 million Hindus, 1.5+ million Armenians, 100,000s of Jews, 100,000s of Serbs, 10,000+ Americans, 100,000s of Spaniards, and countless others were never killed either. Moreover, the Armenian Genocide never happened; Muslims never flocked to enlist in the Nazi SS during WWII; Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin Al-Husseini, never allied with Hitler and never played a major role in the creation of all-Muslim SS units, composed of mainly Albanian, Bosnian, and Chechen Muslims, which killed hundreds of thousands of Jews and Serbs; Muslims never committed acts of genocide against Serbia in the 1990s, Muslims never started five wars, three intifadas, and never committed tens of thousands of terrorist attacks against Israel and Jews worldwide over the course of just sixty years; Muslims never attacked America on 9/11; Muslims never attacked Spain on 3/11; Muslims never attacked Britain on 7/7; and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad never repeatedly stated that Iran would "wipe Israel off the map". None of this ever happened. In fact, while we deny the Hindu Genocide (where Muslims have been killing Hindus since 700 A.D. - killing 100 million Hindus before the arrival of the British in India in the 1700s), why not deny the Holocaust too? The Mein Kampf is also a peaceful document that preaches tolerance. And, Hitler is a great prophet.

Of course, even this is not enough for leftists. Even while they continue their genocide denial, completely erasing the Hindu Genocide from the history books, failing to recognize the Armenian Genocide, and even failing to recognize the major Islamic participation in the Holocaust (where the uncle of Yasser Arafat and Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin Al-Husseini allied with his ideological equal, Hitler, in order to exterminate the Jews in Europe), the leftists then move on to making false claims against, and even making up "facts" about, Judaism, Christianity, and other non-Muslim religions. The claim is that the Torah and the Bible command their followers to kill non-believers too, and that these holy texts differ little from the Koran. However, no where in the Bible or Torah, does it say (specifically, no where does it command the followers of Christianity or Judaism) to murder non-believers. Instead, murder is explicitly and strictly forbidden in these great faiths. Moreover, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, and Buddhism all teach the greatest respect and tolerance toward non-believers of their faiths. Most importantly, Christians, Jews, Hindus, and Buddhists consider anyone who kills innocent people or simply commits murder (except during war and in self-defense - in some cases, even that isn't acceptable) a sinner.

Many leftists will point to European colonizers or the Crusades as an example of Christian terrorism. However, the European colonizers were mainly criminals or people who were simply seeking money, and, in order to gain support, they would claim they were conquering for God. However, these actions counter the teachings of the Bible and such people are thus considered sinners under Christianity. Meanwhile, in Islam, Muslims who kill non-Muslims are considered to be "true Muslims" or "good Muslims" and are rewarded.

In the case of the Crusades, there exists a major misconception. Leftists see the Crusades as an act of aggression. However, after the Byzantine Empire suffered a massive defeat at the hands of the Turks in the Battle of Manzikert in 1071 A.D., they asked Rome for help. In 1095 A.D., Rome sent help. This is how the Crusades got started. Thus, their very purpose was to simply defend Christendom from Islam.

As we can see, while Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, and Buddhism forbid murder, consider murder one of the greatest sins, and consider those who commit murder to be sinners, in Islam, only murder of Muslims is a sin. The murder of non-Muslims is not only not a sin, but it is the duty of Muslims. The Koran commands Muslims to kill non-Muslims, conquer their lands, enslave them, and torture them. In Islam, Muslims are rewarded for killing non-Muslims and even promised with special treatment in heaven. Moreover, Muslims who oppose the killing of non-Muslims or fail to follow any part of the Koran in any way are often branded as "Kuffar" (Arabic derogatory term for non-Muslims) or "Infidels" and even killed!

In Nazi Germany, Germans who harbored Jews or Gypsies or in any way spoke out against genocide were jailed, sent to concentration camps, or simply killed. Also, those who killed Serbs, Jews, Poles, Russians, Gypsies, and others were rewarded. Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin Al-Husseini and his Nazi allies didn't just share the mutual goal of exterminating Jews off the face of the earth, just like the Bosnian and Albanian Muslims that fought for Nazi Germany didn't just share with the Nazis the mutual goals of exterminating the Serbs and the Jews. They shared much more than that: Common ideology. Both Nazism and Islam preach the extermination of non-believers and others they deem inferior. Both strongly support genocide, terrorism, murder, theft, slavery, and other forms of unspeakable savagery.

Thus, comparing Islam to Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, or Buddhism is not only wrong, but immoral, offensive, and even bigoted. These religions preach just the opposite of what Islam preaches, all while Nazism has some strikingly similar characteristics to Islam. Leftists like to make excuses for Islam and will go out of their way to defend it. In fact, they will even go as far as genocide denial, leave alone the fact that they consistently go out of their way to keep certain factual and historical information out of school and college textbooks, keep Islam from being connected in any way to terrorist attacks that occur, brand those who expose the violent teachings of the Koran as "racists" (even though Islam is not a race), "bigots", and "haters", and silence the critics of Islam in any way possible (including shutting down websites, shutting down forums, trying to use "hate speech" laws, and committing various other atrocities against freedom of speech)! Such actions are, by themselves, fascism.

Leftists, in fact, are the biggest threat to freedom. The reason for that is because they are the ones who are keeping us from defending ourselves, leave alone understanding who our enemy is! They resort to following: Genocide denial when any genocides committed by Muslims are brought up (such as denying the Hindu Genocide ever happened and failing to recognize the Armenian Genocide); the shut down websites and eGroups that are in any way critical of Islam (there have been tens of thousands of cases, including the shut down of the website of Geert Wilders' movie, Fitna); accusations of "racism" (even though Islam is not a race), "bigotry", and "hatred" against the critics of Islam (even though Islam preaches hate and not the other way around); yielding to Islamic demands (such as banning the story "Three Little Pigs" in some British schools, creating special foot baths for Muslims in public and private places all over the West, supporting the building of more mosques all over the West, and filtering or banning cartoons (on TV and in newspapers) that are in any way critical of Islam or in any way contain content that is "blasphemous" in Islam (such as a drawing of Mohammad), among thousands of instances); supporting (or simply not opposing) theocratic fascist states such as Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and many more; and even siding with (or simply not opposing) Islamic terrorists that kill or threaten any of their critics (including the sharp leftist criticism of Geert Wilders, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Theo Van Gogh, and countless others). Leftist support for Islam and staunch opposition of the Western World is simply stunning.

This is no different than having a majority of the news media and government of Britain branding Winston Churchill a "racist", "bigot", "hater", and many other names during the 1930s and 1940s. This is the same as the government of Britain jailing anyone who opposed Nazi Germany for "hate speech". In fact, something similar to this did happen in the 1930s. In Poland, criticism of Nazism and Nazi Germany was banned, due to Nazi demands and threats. In short, the Polish government yielded to, and appeased barbarians that sought to destroy their country. In the end, this appeasement only made Poland weaker and easier for Nazi Germany to invade.

Today, many people are brainwashed to agree with the leftists and communist ideas such as political correctness. Today, many people are both ignorant to the threat or even the very nature of their enemy and afraid of it. Today, the West is engaged in a form of mass appeasement of an enemy that has adhered to a theocratic version of fascism for 1400 years, and it is the largely the left which has made this appeasement possible. Consciously or not consciously, intentionally or not intentionally, the left is committing a mass betrayal of their civilization, their nations, their families, and of themselves. And, if history has taught us anything, the traitor is always a bigger foe than the foe.

We must first crush the Axis of Dhimmitude (the left) before we can go on to crush the Axis of Evil (theocratic fascism). We must do so within the framework of democracy and the system that exists today; and, we can do so because we hold the high ground in rationalism, reason, and morality. We, the ATC, will not allow our freedom of speech or any other of our freedoms to be taken from us. We will continue to speak out against all injustices and evils, including, but not limited to, Islam (theocratic fascism), all other kinds fascism, communism, the "new left", racism, terrorism of all kinds, terrorist supporters, terrorist appeasers, terrorist apologetics and apologists, and any other enemies of freedom.

We are in the midst of a battle for our very lives, our families, our countries, our civilization, and our way of life. To not understand this is one thing, but to understand this and to close your eyes and ears to this is an act of ignorance, cowardice, and high treason itself!

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Well said. Dont stop.

Posted by David Owsnett on August 12, 2010 at 15:07:59 EST from United Kingdom.

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