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Our freedom, our way of life and our very lives are being threatened. However, the enemy is not just a few terrorists living in caves on the Afghan-Pakistani border, but all those who seek to take away our freedoms, whether it be those who capitalize on the politics of fear; those who deny others their freedom of speech under the banners of political correctness and "hate speech"; and anyone else who purposely misrepresents, covers up or entirely lies about the truth, regardless of the reasons they do it for. The truth is that Islam is not a "religion of peace", leftism and all other forms of collectivism are always doomed to failure and the media, as well as education systems, of Western-style "democracies" do not always tell the truth. The ATC is committed to the defense of freedom and is the home of media and other information that leftists, Islamic terrorists and many other powerful people don't want you to see!
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Daniel Hall

The ATC Turns Seven

Posted on April 30, 2010 at 12:33:17 EST
by the ATC

Copyright © 2003-2018 The Anti-Terrorism Coalition. All rights reserved.

The ATC has turned seven years old today.

Founded on April 30, 2003 by Stalfos Conner, Benyamin Ben-Maccabim and other members of the TE, the ATC has worked to unite freedom-loving individuals against terrorism and collectivism. It has endured multiple cyber terrorist attacks, but it has come back up every single time.

Unfortunately, this is a particularly difficult time for all of us. With sweeping speed, the new collectivist regime in power is enacting laws that limit individual freedoms and economic freedoms under the banner of "reform", while actually doing the exact opposite. The government has taken control of our health care system and has made it illegal for Americans to not have insurance, under penalty of large fines and possibly even imprisonment. Now, the government is moving to give amnesty to illegal aliens, give Puerto Rico statehood so that leftist politicians can have more favorable outcomes in future elections, create carbon taxes (taxes on our breath), destroy the internet as we know it (and replace it with Internet 2 – a control grid where permission is needed to go online and have your own website), shove the "Smart Grid" down our throats (so that they can decide how much power we consume) and demonize (and ultimately destroy) patriotic Americans – a diverse group of people consisting of veterans, gun rights advocates, right wing individuals, Ron Paul supporters, critics of Islam and many others. The government has also engaged in major appeasement of our enemies, while totally disregarding, or even expressing hostility against our allies, especially Israel.

Now, more than ever, all of us need to unite. Please, help spread the word about the ATC; distribute our articles; start activist groups in your area; run for office – as a Republican, Independent or Democrat (it doesn't matter) – for the sake of returning America back to the US Constitution and upholding the principles and values upon which this great nation was founded on; join our coalition; and if you believe you are a good writer, apply to become a columnist for ATC News (

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Posted by Stalfos Conner on May 1, 2010 at 01:34:58 EST.

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