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Our freedom, our way of life and our very lives are being threatened. However, the enemy is not just a few terrorists living in caves on the Afghan-Pakistani border, but all those who seek to take away our freedoms, whether it be those who capitalize on the politics of fear; those who deny others their freedom of speech under the banners of political correctness and "hate speech"; and anyone else who purposely misrepresents, covers up or entirely lies about the truth, regardless of the reasons they do it for. The truth is that Islam is not a "religion of peace", leftism and all other forms of collectivism are always doomed to failure and the media, as well as education systems, of Western-style "democracies" do not always tell the truth. The ATC is committed to the defense of freedom and is the home of media and other information that leftists, Islamic terrorists and many other powerful people don't want you to see!
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Daniel Hall

Did Obama Really Kill Osama?

Posted on May 17, 2011 at 21:04:49 EST
by Benyamin B

Copyright © 2003-2018 The Anti-Terrorism Coalition. All rights reserved.

Late on May 1, 2011, Barack Hussein Obama announced that American special forces had raided a compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan and killed the leader of Al-Qaeda, Osama Bin-Laden. Since mid-day that day, rumors had been circulating that Bin-Laden had been killed. When it finally became clear – according to the media and US government – that this was indeed the case, the media explicitly stated that Obama had waited until confirmation from a DNA test to make the announcement.

It was later revealed that CIA-led Navy SEALs had carried out the operation deep in Pakistan around 16:00 EST (some sources claim 15:00 – 15:30 EST) on May 1 (01:00 or 00:00 – 00:30 Pakistan time May 2). The announcement of Bin-Laden's death came around 23:35 EST on May 1. An Islamic funeral for Bin-Laden was conducted on the USS Carl Vinson at around 01:00 EST (some say as late as 06:00 EST) on May 2 and his body was then dumped into the Arabian Sea.

Whether Bin-Laden put up a fight is unclear, due to the media and US government changing their story about the operation multiple times (more on that later). For the same reasons, whether there was any "serious" resistance from anyone remains unknown, despite the fact that Obama stated in his late May 1 announcement that there was a firefight (contradicted by subsequent government statements). The media has also claimed that several of Bin-Laden's wives and children were captured by Pakistani forces after American troops had left the compound with Bin-Laden's corpse. The US and Pakistani governments have both announced that these purported family members of Bin-Laden have given accounts confirming that Bin-Laden was indeed present. Unfortunately, we cannot confirm whether Bin-Laden's family members were captured, either, because the only sources on this information are the US and Pakistani governments. The media has not even had a chance to access any of these purported members of Bin-Laden's family.

What is clear and what can be confirmed is that an American helicopter had a mechanical problem and fell to the ground. It was partially destroyed by American troops before they withdrew. The remains of that helicopter are visible in photos and have been confirmed by journalists on the ground. It also turns out that a Pakistani citizen living in the same town as where the raid took place documented it on Twitter. We also have photographic evidence from the media of the compound that was attacked and bloodstained rooms inside it. Thus, it is clear that there was indeed an American special forces raid on the compound in question. The question is thus, not whether this operation took place, but rather who was killed; specifically, whether Bin-Laden was killed.

As news of Bin-Laden's death began to reach the American people, crowds began to gather in cities and towns all across the country. Wild crowds of college students and other young people appeared everywhere. Many of these people where praising Obama for catching Osama and many "Obama 2012" chants could be heard. Some people in Washington, DC even chanted something along the lines of, "Yay, they got Saddam", at which point one of them was actually corrected that Bin-Laden had been caught, leading the same individual to then yell, "Yay, they got Bin-Laden!" In some cases, it appeared that some of the people in these crowds did not even know who Bin-Laden was. Overall, it was a display typical of the uncultured and indoctrinated youth of today, acting totally insane, just as they do when their preferred sports team wins. Clearly, very few of them seemed to understand what killing Bin-Laden means, for it certainly does not mean victory for the United States.

Al-Qaeda is not a top-down or pyramid-structured organization. It is a network of semi-independent cells that can operate independently. Much of the "War on Terror" strategy has involved killing leaders of certain Al-Qaeda cells or the leadership of other Islamic terrorist organizations. Every time the US military has killed an Al-Qaeda leader, he has been replaced. Furthermore, even if the entire leadership of Al-Qaeda were wiped out, Al-Qaeda's cells would then become fully independent and continue to pose a threat to the US. Now, Bin-Laden will either be replaced by Ayman Al-Zawahiri or Anwar al-Awlaki (who dined at the Pentagon shortly after 9/11). It has even been reported that Al-Qaeda split into two factions about five years ago, with the larger one being headed by Al-Zawahiri and the smaller one being headed by Bin-Laden. Some have gone even further, alleging that Al-Zawahiri helped lead the US to Bin-Laden. Whatever the case, the killing of Bin-Laden has done nothing to weaken Al-Qaeda. The only thing it has done is improve the image of Obama and increase his chances of re-election in 2012.

The US government, has of course, immediately warned that the killing of Bin-Laden could provoke revenge attacks by Islamic terrorists, while simultaneously treating the killing of Bin-Laden as a major victory against Al-Qaeda. In fact, it is only a very minor victory. What the US government is interested in; however, is in justifying the continued imposition of a police state upon the American people and resurrecting the perception of Obama as a savior – perhaps even the new Jesus. More on this later.

It also turns out that the US government actually knew where Bin-Laden was since August of 2010! It further turned out that Bin-Laden had been living at the compound for five to six years. Bear in mind that this compound is not a cave or some village along the Afghan-Pakistani border or Pakistani frontier, but deep in Pakistan in the middle of a resort town. There is of course no doubt that if Bin-Laden did in fact live there, the Pakistani government would have known, just as it knows where many of the other Al-Qaeda and Taliban members are located. After all, Pakistan created the Taliban; and, together with the CIA, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, it created Al-Qaeda in the late 1970s and early 1980s (as the Mujahideen) to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan. To this day, the Pakistani government's relationship with such groups has not changed. Only when huge pressure is exerted upon the Pakistani government does it turn over some of these terrorists and only when these terrorists pose a threat to the Pakistani regime does it fight them. Otherwise, this quasi globalist puppet regime is happy to be a recipient of US aid for the purposes of "fighting terrorism", while supporting (harboring, funding and arming) the same Islamic terrorists in their fight against infidel nations such as the US and India, as well as continuing its cozy relationship with Red China.

The idea that the US government is not aware of all of these things is equally ridiculous. This means that the US government would have also been aware that American tax dollars were literally going to the protection of Osama Bin-Laden. It would also be aware that American aid to Pakistan was really aiding Islamic terrorists and giving them a strong base of operations. In other words, all this time, a portion of the hard-earned income of the American people that the government has been stealing from them by force (yes, taxes) was then given to Al-Qaeda, the Taliban and other hostile groups. To put it even more clearly: from about 1979, the US government has forced us to give money to Al-Qaeda!

This brings us to the timing of this operation. To understand this, we have to understand the events and trends of the past few years and even further back.

By late April 2011, it was becoming increasingly clear that the so-called "economic recovery" was a total lie and the economy has in fact been getting worse. The US Dollar was also marching faster and faster toward its inevitable destruction, as the Federal Reserve has continued printing money and other nations have been moving away from the Dollar. Other signs of the decline of the Dollar were oil prices and precious metal prices, both of which rose steeply. Gold made it well into the $1500.00 range and silver came within one dollar of hitting its all-time record high of $50.35 (set in 1980). Oil prices have broken $4.00 a gallon in most places all over the country.

America's borders remain totally insecure. Illegal aliens continue coming across the border and Islamic terrorists can easily slip across it too (they have numerous times in the past). Our sovereignty is deliberately being eroded and we even have a president who declares himself to be a "citizen of the world". The government, media and academia continue pretending that Climategate never happened and continue pushing the fraud of man-made "climate change" on us, all in a bid to control how much energy we use, keep track of where we drive, tax us for breathing and so on. It's all about subjugating the American people and forcing Agenda21 upon us. The US government has continued to make America even more socialist than it already is and has stepped up its attacks on individuals, small and medium businesses and so on. The same government is working hard to confiscate our guns (second amendment right), attacking our freedom of speech (first amendment right) and even supporting the peaceful Islamization of this nation. It's also the same government that has supported devout Muslims in overthrowing its own puppets all over the Islamic world, including in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen and elsewhere. The same government has also legitimized Fatah – a terrorist organization – and held secret talks with Hamas, a terrorist organization which it still officially recognizes as a terrorist organization. It has also held secret talks with the Muslim Brotherhood over in Egypt and done everything possible to give it an opportunity to seize power there later this year. Speaking of the Muslim Brotherhood, Al-Zawahiri is a member.

This regime also continues to give foreign aid to almost everyone. Some people complain about US government aid to Israel, but they don't realize that Saudi Arabia, Egypt and other enemies of Israel (and the US) are given more aid than Israel is. Russia and China are also recipients of American aid. Needless to say, we are aiding our own enemies more than our allies. Yes, despite the fact that this regime is bankrupt, it is spending trillions of dollars to not only bankrupt the American people (and force them into a socialist hellhole), but also to aid America's worst enemies!

Then there is the matter of the police state being imposed upon America. The Patriot Act, which was passed "for our own safety" in the aftermath of 9/11 is increasingly being used to satisfy its real purpose: taking away our rights. It doesn't matter that the Patriot Act is unconstitutional, was hundreds or thousands of pages long and was voted on by representatives who hadn't even read the bill (doesn't that sound familiar now). After all, the powers that be promised their lackeys in Congress that the purpose of the Patriot Act was to make it easier for the US government to go after terrorists. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was likewise created to better organize the US government and make it easier for it to catch terrorists. That's why security cameras have popped up everywhere; a DHS report from several years ago labeled conservatives, libertarians, constitutionalists, Ron Paul supporters, returning veterans and other patriots as "potential domestic terrorists"; and why telescreens linked directly to the DHS have popped up in Walmarts and other stores all over the country. I guess nobody bothered to define the term "terrorist". It looks like the government's definition of that is first and foremost anyone who disagrees with it. The Transportation Security Agency (TSA) has been able to go even further. In an attempt to "keep us safe" at the airports, it now gropes people's genitals and other private areas (in other words, sexually assaults them) and forces them to go through body scanners which emit harmful doses of radiation and allow naked images of people to be saved. There has been public outrage over this, but not enough, even though TSA agents have even been groping little kids. The government's excuse for these policies is the "Underwear Bomber" – an Islamic terrorist patsy from Nigeria who, on December 25, 2009, was allowed onto the targeted American plane without a passport, only as a result of the intervention of a mysterious man in a nice suit who accompanied him – clearly someone from the government with enough authority to overrule normal procedures at the airport. The underwear bomber attempted to ignite explosives smuggled in his underwear. Consequently, Americans have now been collectively punished for this attempted false flag event and have seen the near death of their fourth amendment rights. Oh, and by the way, Muslims are allowed to pat themselves down! The TSA is also starting to deploy VIPER teams in subway stations, bus terminals and even at malls, with the eventual goal being to force us to be subject to body scanners in order to be allowed to enter any of these areas. Needless to say, the government will never fully be able to stop terrorism no matter what "security" measures it takes. These measures are only designed for one purpose: the elimination of our liberties.

Meanwhile, the giant corporations that lobby for more socialism and support socialist candidates have been making a fortune off the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere. In rebel-controlled eastern Libya, where the US government has allied with Al-Qaeda against Muammar Al-Gaddafi, the rebels (most of whom are devout Muslims and include Al-Qaeda) managed to create their own private central bank and an oil company while they were on the brink of defeat. It is also worth noting that eastern Libya (which the rebels currently control) is the biggest Al-Qaeda recruiting ground in the entire Islamic world, at least by proportion! This is of course not the first time that the US government has allied with Al-Qaeda. As I have stated previously, the CIA basically created Al-Qaeda to fight against the Soviets. The US government also allied with Al-Qaeda during the intervention in Bosnia in the mid-1990s, where Muslims were committing genocide against the Serbs; and again in Kosovo, in 1999, where the Albanian-backed ethnic Albanian Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) together with Al-Qaeda and other Islamic terrorist organizations was committing genocide and terrorism against the Serbs in an effort to steal the Serbian heartland – the province of Kosovo & Metohija – and annex it to Albania in a plan to realize the Hitler-Mussolini planned state of Greater Albania. In the case of Kosovo, NATO forces heavily bombed Serbia to force it to surrender its heartland to the illegal alien Albanian squatters and terrorist invaders. After being bombed into submission and suffering scores of civilian casualties, Serbia had no choice but to comply. In 2008, seven years after 9/11, the supposedly anti-terrorist president George W. Bush recognized the unilateral declaration of independence of the "Republic of Kosovo". Since coming under NATO, UN and Islamic control, Kosovo has become a major crime, prostitution, sex slave, organ and drug trafficking hub. In fact, one can say it is the European capital of all these things. Heroin derived from poppies grown in Afghanistan, which the US government and its corporate partners help the Afghan population grow, often arrives in Kosovo before heading on to the rest of Europe and sometimes even North America. It is also interesting that the Karzai regime (and especially the Karzai family), a puppet of the US government, has profited greatly off of the heroin trade out of Afghanistan. Additionally, lithium is being extracted from Afghanistan.

The other key to understanding the "War on Terror" is of course the fact that it was defined from the start as a war on a tactic – the tactic being terrorism. It was also just a few days after 9/11 that Bush declared Islam to be "a religion of peace" and made it clear that the US was not in any way going to oppose it. It was also then that the US government secretly flew out Bin-Laden family members living in the US, while US air space was still closed as a result of 9/11. It should have been clear then and there that the US government was not going to take on the real enemy. It should have also been clear that the coming war was by its very definition not one that we intended to win and would last for a long time. The "War on Terror" is in fact a perpetual war. The US government has gone after some Taliban and Al-Qaeda members, but at the same time, its strategy has been to appease and buy off the rest of the Muslims of Afghanistan and to try to win the overall population of that country through nation-building (their strategy in Iraq is also very similar, except that they have basically ensured that it will become a puppet of Iran as soon as US troops withdraw). Needless to say, anyone who has read the Quran knows that this is impossible to do for any seriously long-lasting period of time (as in, more than a few years or at best, a few decades). Muslims will always be loyal to the Quran, and thus, loyal to the "commandments" of the killing and subjugation of non-Muslims and the conquest of their lands. One cannot expect to see the "hearts and minds" of Muslims won over by foreign infidel occupiers. It is of course more than just naive to think that such proud and savage people can be won over through a better standard of living and a better economy. It bears repeating that all the Islamic terrorists we kill are quickly replaced. Thus, we are not even making the enemy any weaker.

Meanwhile, here at home, Muslims are getting special rights and those who criticize Islam are being attacked by the government, leftists and the Muslims themselves for being "racist", "bigoted", "offensive" and even "terrorist". That's right, American patriots and other opponents of government are being labeled as "terrorists" for opposing globalism, socialism, the police state, our giant national debt, Islam and tyranny as a whole. How hard is it to understand that the "War on Terror" is not making us any safer and this threat of "terrorism" is being used to take away our liberties. In other words, the "War on Terror" is a total sham – it is nothing more than a half-hearted, perpetual war that our government never had any intention of winning. They don't even intend to defeat Al-Qaeda (they couldn't do so even if they tried to specifically only target Al-Qaeda, but their support for Pakistan indicates they're not even truly trying). In fact, this war is literally something right out of the book, 1984, where the government used war to keep people distracted, united behind the government and fully supportive of their tyranny – actually, this is also another case of history repeating itself, for tyrannical governments have used war countless times to unite people behind them and consolidate power.

Furthermore, I would even argue that the "War on Terror" has made us less safe because we have seen essential liberties such as our first, second and fourth amendment rights eroded. We have become more domesticated than before and more dependent on the government for protection, as well as fearful of what it might do if we were to take our security into our own hands.

Now, fast forward to April 27, 2011: just as the American people were starting to wake up to the reality that the US is turning into a socialist police state and the fact that the "War on Terror" is a fraud, Obama released his (forged) birth certificate in an attempt to create the perception among the dumbed down American masses that the Birthers (those who doubt Obama's eligibility to be president) are morons, kooks and crazies; and thus, the rest of the right which has been exposing all the aforementioned acts of tyranny and even outright treason by the US government is the same, as well, which means that everything it has been saying must be wrong too. After all, the government, mainstream media (which is really a government mouthpiece) and academia have labeled American patriots who really understand what is going on as "conspiracy theorists", "crazies", "fringe", "kooks" and "idiots". The release of the (forged) birth certificate also came at a time when Obama's poll numbers were very low.

Speaking of the birth certificate, it was so obviously forged – the government literally forgot to flatten the layers in the document (nevermind the other more subtle issues) – that anyone who has even a little bit of experience in computer graphics software, such as Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator would be able to tell that the birth certificate is indeed a forgery. It is precisely the ridiculousness of this that has made more than half of the American people unable to comprehend this big lie. This means that anyone who exposes the truth about Obama and his ineligibility to be president now will most likely never be able to convince fifty to sixty percent of the American people of this fact.

It is this inherent trust of government in (sadly) the majority of Americans that allows the government to get away with total and blatant lies, as well as abhorrent acts of treason. It is this utter failure to comprehend all of these big lies that allows the government to fool the people time and time again. We, at the ATC, really cannot stress this concept enough. Adolf Hitler, who would go on to exterminate six million Jews, millions of other people and cause World War II, was at least honest about how he planned and managed to fool the German people, and above all, the whole world about his intentions:

"in the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods."

This finally brings us back to the events of May 1. First, let's look at the circumstantial evidence. The timing of the killing of Bin-Laden couldn't have been more perfect. In addition to the fact that the US is going to hell in a hand basket, Obama released his (forged) birth certificate, in order to distract the American people from the much bigger issues, discredit rightists and other patriots and of course raise his poll numbers. Then, at the most perfect time for rightists to literally go crazy and expose the birth certificate to be a total fraud, Bin-Laden magically got killed. Obama of course wasted no time taking credit for giving a simple order, which the brave and heroic Navy SEALs then carried out. Nevertheless, as a result, the American people have indeed largely forgotten the fact that America is heading toward collapse and Obama's poll numbers have rebounded. Obama is now seen as a hero and even a "hawk" by the masses. Even neocons, establishment conservatives and even some semi-awake conservatives are cheering him on. In fact, some are going as far as endorsing him for the 2012 presidential election. Yes, you read that right: the globalist puppet who is not even eligible to be president and has made America much more socialist, heavily advanced the police state, failed to withdraw from Iraq or Afghanistan and made the government much less transparent – the latter three are total reversals of his 2008 campaign promises – is now being cheered by many self-proclaimed "rightists"!

At minimum, the US government deliberately failed to go after Bin-Laden until now – the most politically convenient time to do so. We know this because they admitted from the start that they knew where Bin-Laden was at least since August of 2010! So why wait? Isn't this the same government that is waging a war to make us safer and "preserve our way of life"? Just like it is "preserving our way of life" by collectively punishing us for the actions of a few foreign savages (by taking away our liberties "for our own safety") and just as it is waging the "War on Terror" for its own tyrannical ambitions and the interests of the special interests that put these politicians in power, this government only took out the supposedly most dangerous man in the world only when it was in its interest to do so. This government certainly didn't seem to be worried that Bin-Laden might be able to plan more terrorist attacks and kill more Americans in between August 2010 and now. It certainly did not seek to take Bin-Laden out as soon as it could, in order to save as many American lives as possible and bring him to justice as fast as possible. After all, wasn't that the entire point of the manhunt for Bin-Laden? Wasn't the point to stop the most dangerous man in the world from killing any more Americans? Wasn't this an extremely urgent issue? Clearly, the US government did not care about a few hundred or thousand more of its subjects being killed. In fact, that would only give it another excuse to take away even more of our liberties!

Thus, the US government does not care about our safety. It only cares about pushing America into a giant pit and turning us into total slaves. For the last ten years, Bin-Laden was more valuable alive, so that he could be used as a "boogeyman" to scare Americans and get them to give up their liberties "for their own safety", which is the same reason that America aided Pakistan for, knowing full well that this aid would make its way to terrorists.

And it gets even worse. It turns out that the US government was able to fly Bin-Laden's body to Bagram Air Force Base, perform a DNA test and get the results back all within seven or eight hours! That's right: if Bin-Laden was killed around 15:00 – 16:00 EST May 1 and the media began to report around 23:00 EST (that same day) that Obama was going to announce that Bin-Laden had been killed and that he had waited to make the announcement until he got the results of the DNA test, that means all of these things indeed had to have taken place in just seven to eight hours. It gets stranger yet, though. Apparently, at 01:00 EST (or as late as 06:00 EST) May 2, the funeral (an Islamic funeral) of Bin-Laden was conducted on the USS Carl Vinson and his body was then dumped into the ocean. This means that after performing the DNA test and other examinations on Bin-Laden, they had to fly his corpse out to the USS Carl Vinson somewhere out in the Arabian Sea. Then his body was cleaned and wrapped in a white sheet. Then, an Islamic funeral was conducted. And finally, his corpse was thrown overboard! What was the time frame between this and the time he was killed? Nine to fifteen hours!

What was the rush to throw his body overboard all about? The US government claimed it wanted to act in accordance with Islamic law (itself a really bizarre and outrageous thing to do), which dictates that a person must be buried within 24 hours. Yet, it also dictates that corpses should not be thrown overboard unless the person died on a long sea voyage and the corpse is beginning to heavily decompose. This means that the US government did not act in accordance with Islamic law. Once again, the government lied. Thus, there was no reason for it to fly out Bin-Laden's body to a ship so quickly and dispose of it almost immediately, unless, of course, it wasn't Bin-Laden's body and the government wanted to get rid of the evidence as fast as possible.

It gets even more ridiculous. At first, the US government said it would release photos of Bin-Laden's corpse. Then, it was reported that the government was having second thoughts about doing so. Finally, the US government decided against it. Obama then came out and stated that it would be "offensive", that it could result in more attacks against US troops and that it was "not who we are". Totally bogus and ridiculous reasons considering the fact that the US government has released photos of dead terrorists and other hostiles it killed before, including Saddam Hussein's sons, among many other things.

The claims that it would be too "offensive" or that it could cause more Islamic terrorism, especially against our troops, was of course a "reincarnation" of the US government's attacks on Pastor Terry Jones, who wanted to publicly burn Qurans. Needless to say, not doing so for this reason would be appeasement. It would literally show that Islamic terrorists can use the threat of violence to keep us from exercising our rights or doing something we want to do. At that point, the only rational action is of course to go ahead with whatever you are doing – in this case, releasing the photos of Bin-Laden's corpse – to make it clear to the enemy that they cannot dictate to us what to do. If the enemy steps up its attacks on our troops or against the US at home, then it isn't our fault or our government's fault, but the enemy's fault. The only people responsible or in any way guilty of anything would be the terrorists. And were they to do that, it would then be our moral right to punish them by finding them, hunting them down and eliminating them, as well as by taking action to discourage (under threat of force, not nation-building) the local population from joining the Islamic terrorists.

It would furthermore be in our interest, purely from a strategic and tactical point of view to actually totally desecrate Bin-Laden's corpse. Taking his corpse, pouring alcohol all over him, shooting it up with pork-greased bullets and finally stuffing him in a pig's carcass and hanging it up proudly in front of the White House and/or at Ground Zero would be not just an excellent symbolic move, but also a great way to discourage Islamic terrorism. Under Islamic law, these terrorists will not go to Islamic heaven if their corpses are desecrated as such. In fact, similar tactics were successfully used by General John "Black Jack" Pershing against Islamic terrorists in the Philippines.

Needless to say, the real reason that the government hasn't released any photos of Bin-Laden's corpse is of course that US did not kill Bin-Laden in that operation. That is not to say there was no Navy SEAL or other special forces operation in that compound deep in Pakistan on May 1. It's just that whoever they killed wasn't Osama.

This is further backed up by the fact that even the official story has changed multiple times. First, Bin-Laden did shoot back, then he didn't. There was a firefight and there wasn't. The US government was going to release photos of Bin-Laden's corpse and then it wasn't. One of Bin-Laden's wives was killed in the raid and she wasn't. Bin-Laden fought bravely and he didn't. There was no satellite dish in the compound and then there was (and some pictures and drawings released by the media showed a satellite dish). Bin-Laden didn't watch TV and he did (and the US government has even released a video it claims is of Bin-Laden watching TV). There wasn't any internet access and there was. It goes on and on. Last week, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney was struggling to juggle all these contradictory stories and claims to try to make them all seem true.

What really happened to Bin-Laden may never be known. Some have rumored him to have died or been killed as early as late 2001 or early 2002. It is known that he was very ill (which certainly makes it hard to believe that he could have been living in a cave, planning sophisticated terrorist attacks and had dialysis equipment there). It is also known that the CIA did make fake Bin-Laden videos, which would obviously explain how Bin-Laden was able to make videos if he was dead. It is, of course, also possible that Bin-Laden is still alive, in which case he is most likely living under Pakistani or Saudi protection. Perhaps he is even on a beachfront property owned by one of his relatives in Saudi Arabia right now. However, this is just pure speculation. Ultimately, it really does not matter. We'll never hear from Osama again, save the government cooks up some crazy story. What we will most likely see happen with regard to Osama; however, is that the government will one day release the photos of Bin-Laden's corpse and maybe, just maybe, it will remember to flatten the layers this time.

At this point, the official government story on Bin-Laden's death has changed so much that even some in the mainstream media are starting to have doubts. However, the dumbed down and heavily indoctrinated American sheep, in particular the college students and rabid sports fans, will believe anything big brother tells them. After all, just as they believed Bush when, in the fall of 2008, he said that he had to destroy the free market in order to save it, they believed both him and Obama when they implied that we need to give up "our way of life" (liberty) in order to "preserve our way of life". Since they had no problem swallowing up such painfully obvious and utterly ridiculous contradictions, there should be no surprise that they have completely bought the almost hilarious (if it wasn't so sad) government story on how it supposedly killed Bin-Laden. America may be visibly going to hell in a hand basket, but it doesn't matter to these sheep because "Obama got Osama!" Consequently, it seems unlikely that the mainstream media will ever dare to tell the truth about Bin-Laden's fake elimination.

The bottom line is that the US government lied about killing Bin-Laden in this operation. It lied about the operation just as it has lied about the entire "War on Terror" and about a whole lot of other things. Our government has long ago breached the bounds of the US Constitution and thus ceased being the protector of life, liberty, property and American sovereignty that it was designed to be. Instead, it has transformed into a tyranny – a socialist police state that has been able to fool and coerce the people it now rules over into being sexually assaulted and radiated just so they could be able to fly. This very regime has absolutely no regard for our safety, yet for some reason, the same conservatives and other self-proclaimed rightists who see through the government's constant lies on economic and social matters believe that it tells the truth on matters of national security and war (and further that it does have our safety at heart). The hypocrisy and ridiculousness of that notion is amazing, especially after considering all the evidence, but after all, this is the essence of the big lie. Obama's poll numbers have rebounded and last I checked, a slight majority of Americans approved of the job he was doing. His release of his forged birth certificate and his staging of the killing of Bin-Laden served as a one-two punch against American patriots and liberty as a whole; and as an excellent move to prevent all the dumbed down masses – the sheep – from waking up – just as American patriots were starting to wake them up.

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Another great article. But many of my conservative friends don't believe the government killed Osama, either.

But you're right, I have seen many conservatives buy the official government story.

Posted by Alex Simon on June 11, 2011 at 01:01:41 EST.

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