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Our freedom, our way of life and our very lives are being threatened. However, the enemy is not just a few terrorists living in caves on the Afghan-Pakistani border, but all those who seek to take away our freedoms, whether it be those who capitalize on the politics of fear; those who deny others their freedom of speech under the banners of political correctness and "hate speech"; and anyone else who purposely misrepresents, covers up or entirely lies about the truth, regardless of the reasons they do it for. The truth is that Islam is not a "religion of peace", leftism and all other forms of collectivism are always doomed to failure and the media, as well as education systems, of Western-style "democracies" do not always tell the truth. The ATC is committed to the defense of freedom and is the home of media and other information that leftists, Islamic terrorists and many other powerful people don't want you to see!
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Daniel Hall

Jews and the New World Order

Posted on May 20, 2011 at 21:26:18 EST
by Benyamin B

Copyright © 2003-2018 The Anti-Terrorism Coalition. All rights reserved.

For the past century, it has been alleged by some that the Jews are collectively behind a conspiracy to create a one world government (also referred to as the New World Order (NWO)). It has also been alleged by some of the same people that Israel is a super powerful state that secretly runs America and the world, as a whole. The same people believe that Israel or at least elements of the Mossad were behind the 9/11 attacks or at least, had some role in them. They further believe that Zionism is an oppressive and imperialist globalist ideology and that Muslims are victims of the NWO and Israel.

For those of you who think that I am going to disprove the NWO in this article, I hate to break it to you, but the NWO is real. The big questions are whether the Jews are behind it; whether any Jews are behind it; whether America is a puppet of Israel or Israel is a puppet of America; whether Israel is indeed an "oppressive" "globalist" state that persecutes those "poor Muslims"; and whether Zionism is "evil".

The idea that Jews are behind the globalist conspiracy to create a one world government goes back to a book called The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Written by the Russian czarist secret police (known as the Okhrana) sometime in the 1890s and published in Russia in 1903, the book was actually plagiarized from a book called Dialogue in Hell Between Machiavelli and Montesquieu, by Maurice Joly. The book was meant to be an attack on Napoleon III, as well as republicanism (Joly was a monarchist). It made no mentions of Jews. Ironically, this book itself was plagiarized from another book that alleged the Jesuits were behind a conspiracy to create a one world government, which was in turn also plagiarized from another book. Going back far enough, one can trace the "original books" that alleged a conspiracy to create a one world government to two books written in the 1790s.

One of these books was Proofs of a Conspiracy by John Robison – a mathematician, physicist and chemist -, which alleged that the Illuminati, which was founded by Adam Weishaupt in 1776, had infiltrated the Freemasons and used them to start the French Revolution. It was the ultimate goal of the Illuminati to overthrow all the monarchies of Europe, destroy religion and eventually create a one world government. This mirrored the ideology of the ultra-radical Jacobins in France, who indeed abolished the monarchy, created their own religion (which was meant to replace Catholicism and other religions), even created their own calendar to replace the Gregorian calendar and attempted to create a sort of socialist nation. Marxism can trace its ideological roots to these ultra-radical Jacobins and the French Revolution. It is also indeed the goal of socialists to create a one world socialist government, for socialism is an internationalist ideology (Karl Marx wanted to see the "workers of the world unite" and form a dictatorship of the proletariat (a socialist government) that defied borders). Likewise, the radical Jacobins can be connected to the Illuminati and it further turns out that many of the ideologues that the Illuminati spawned would go on to directly influence Marx and those who would later directly influence him.

The other book was Memoirs Illustrating the History of Jacobinism by Abbe Barruel – a Jesuit priest. It alleged pretty much the same thing. Both Robison and Barruel independently came to the conclusion that the Illuminati was involved in subverting European nations and had the ultimate aim of establishing a one world government, but Barruel's book was published earlier and Robison drew upon some of the ideas in that book. Neither book accused Jews of in any way being involved in this conspiracy.

The intentions of the Okhrana one century later were to strengthen the regime of the Russian czar, then Czar Nicholas II. The socialists (Bolsheviks and others) were becoming an increasing threat to the czar's power. This, combined with the horrible quality of life in Russia (a result of his tyranny), created a great opportunity for the Russian people to unite and overthrow him. The Russian government then decided to repeat history once again by blaming the Jews for all of Russia's problems. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion was written to do exactly that! It and other anti-Semitic propaganda contributed to massive pogroms in 1905. Of course, as we know, blaming the Jews only distracted the Russian people for a little longer. In 1917, the Russian Revolution began and the czar was removed from power; yet, in an ironic twist, the Bolsheviks, who wanted to create a one world socialist government, came to power. In the end, the Russian people replaced one tyrannical (and anti-Semitic) regime with another. The Soviet Union too would persecute Jews and under Joseph Stalin, a second Holocaust – for Soviet Jews – was even planned. It was only averted with Stalin's death, but that's another story.

"The Protocols" would later be used as a propaganda tool by Adolf Hitler to both rise to power and to make the Holocaust happen. It would also be used by anti-Semites in the West, including the famous American industrialist, Nazi apologist and globalist Henry Ford, to fan the flames of hatred against the Jews. Today, "The Protocols" is used as a source by anti-Semites of all ideologies, races and religions. And yes, this includes the Islamic world, where pretty much anything that can make Jews look bad is used as propaganda.

There is a large faction within the anti-globalist movement that is vehemently anti-Israel and anti-Semitic. They despise Zionism, consider Israel to be an "oppressive" (even "apartheid" or even "genocidal") state and consider America to be a puppet of Israel.

Let us first examine Zionism. Zionism is simply the idea that Jews should return to their homeland, Israel and resurrect the Jewish nation (since Israel's re-creation in 1948, Zionism has been about ensuring Israel's survival and encouraging Jewish (return) immigration there). To put it better, Zionism is Jewish Nationalism – the idea that Jews, who are an ethnic group, should have a nation of their own. The Zionist movement was created in Europe the mid 1800s by both Jews and (a few) Christians. By the late 1800s, Jewish migrations to Palestine (as it was then called) had begun. Initially, the Jewish re-settlers found the land to be sparsely populated desert. Nevertheless, after decades of hard work, they were able to turn the land into fertile farmland. This and other economic opportunities that resulted from the growing Jewish presence began to draw Arab Muslims to Palestine, as well. Seeing the rising Jewish population as a threat, the Ottoman Turks also began to encourage increased Arab Muslim migration to Palestine. In fact, most of the modern Islamic population of what is now Israel – the "Palestinians" – can trace their presence in what is now Israel to only about one hundred years ago.

After the British were able to conquer Palestine and the surrounding area in WWI, they initially promised Jews a national homeland (eventually an independent nation) that would not only consist of what is now Israel (including Judea, Samaria and Gaza), but also what is now Jordan! The entire area was officially called the British Mandate of Palestine. Of course, the British Empire did not want to give up control of this land – and even if it did, it wanted to retain at least some control behind the scenes. Thus, it was not interested in seeing a strong and fully independent Israel ever come into existence. It soon became clear to the British that giving Jews even a degree of control over so much land could bring about exactly that, and thus, the British Mandate of Palestine was reduced in size, with the portion east of the Jordan River becoming Transjordan (later Jordan). Consequently, Jews were prohibited from settling east of the Jordan River, despite the fact that their ancestors in Ancient Israel had lived in those areas. In reality, the British had decided from the very start that while the Jews could be allowed to become the majority population west of the Jordan River, they should never be allowed to become "too strong" or even have an independent nation – and even if an independent nation were to be established (in a "plan b" sort of scenario), it would consist of a very sizable non-Jewish (in particular, Islamic) population. Israel's Islamic neighbors would of course loathe Israel (since the Quran commands Muslims to kill non-Muslims and conquer their lands and is also particularly hateful of Jews) and be eager to go to war with it. This would cause both Israel and its Islamic neighbors to be in constant conflict, thus preventing either party from getting too strong and thus relying on foreign aid for their survival – or at least, their ability to maintain the balance of power. The key term here, is of course "balance of power". As long as the Middle Eastern nations could be kept weak and dependent on foreign aid, the British could exercise some control over the region.

Indeed, the British allowed Muslims to kill Jews in the British Mandate of Palestine, while simultaneously trying to keep Jews from defending themselves. At the onset of WWII, they issued their famous White Paper, which almost completely blocked off Jewish immigration to the British Mandate of Palestine, right at a time when Jews needed it the most. This prevented perhaps hundreds of thousands (if not more) Jews from fleeing the Holocaust. Of course, this policy was done to prevent the Jewish re-settlers of Palestine from growing too strong and also to appease the Muslims. Speaking of which, it is interesting that there was a great amount of support for Nazi Germany in the Arab Muslim world. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin Al-Husseini, even become a major ally and friend of Adolf Hitler and helped organize all-Muslim SS units, which then killed Jews and Serbs. Al-Husseini played a major role in the Holocaust, being responsible for perhaps as many as hundreds of thousands of Jewish deaths, alone. It is also worth noting that Al-Husseini was Yasser Arafat's uncle and that after the war, he continued his anti-Semitic and Islamic imperialist activities in Egypt and elsewhere in the Arab Muslim world. He also played a role in the founding of the PLO / Fatah.

After the end of WWII, patriotic Jewish organizations such as the Irgun and Lehi increasingly began to resort to acts of terrorism to get the British occupiers out of their land. The resulting violence in the British Mandate of Palestine combined with a devastated British economy and military, as a result of WWII, made it very hard for the British to maintain direct control of this portion of their empire (and really, most of their empire) without resorting to outright genocide – something the British people and the world would be outraged over, thus making this option impossible. Consequently, they let the newly created UN (a notorious globalist organization founded by the Anglo-American establishment to further their one world government agenda) decide the fate of Palestine "for" them. In the UN's 1947 partition plan, it stole Judea, Samaria, Gaza and a whole lot of other land from the Jews and granted it to the Muslims. Two states were supposed to be created in the territory of Palestine: one Jewish and one Muslim. Unfortunately, the Anglo-American establishment decided that even then, the Jewish state could become too strong. Though it did not want to see Israel totally annihilated in the coming inevitable war, they wanted to ensure it suffered a serious defeat at the hands of the Muslims. Despite the chances of a Jewish victory being quite unfavorable, the US instituted an arms embargo against Israel before it even became independent and British officers would serve as the commanders of some of the invading Arab Muslim armies!

As soon as Israel declared itself independent; however, seven Islamic countries (Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Yemen) sent troops against Israel. Some of these troops were commanded by British officers; and former Nazis – often war criminals – were also present. Nevertheless, against all odds, Israel not only survived, but succeeded in gaining ground. This success was a combination of intelligent tactics and strategies, successful smuggling of arms to Israel, support from certain individuals from Western countries and some limited support from certain European countries. West of the Jordan River, the enemy retained Judea, Samaria, Gaza and east Jerusalem (under the UN partition plan, Israel would not even border with western Jerusalem). With this said, had the Anglo-American establishment wanted to see Israel annihilated right then and there, they could have taken more steps to prevent arms from reaching Israel and given even more support to the Arab Muslim hordes that invaded Israel.

This is really where the story of the "Palestinians" begins. As mentioned previously, the vast majority of the "Palestinians" were simply descendents of nomads and migrants that had come to "Palestine" beginning at around the turn of the 20th century. These people were no different from any of the other Arab Muslims in the surrounding regions. The remainder of the "Palestinians" (a small minority of them overall) were for the most part Christians who had been living in "Palestine" for centuries – in some cases predating the Islamic invasion (and subsequent occupation of the area) around 638 AD (there has also been a constant Jewish presence in the area, despite the fact that most Jews had been forced out of Ancient Israel by the Romans). Some of these Christians may even be descendants of Jews who converted to Christianity. Anyways, in the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, the invading Arab Muslim armies told the Muslims living in these lands to leave very temporarily, in order to make it easier for them to exterminate all the Jews. These local Arab Muslims were told that they would only need to leave for a short while so these Arab Muslim armies could kill all the Jews and that a victory against the Jews was imminent. Hundreds of thousands Arab Muslims left for neighboring Arab Muslim countries, such as Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. Fortunately, the invading Arab Muslim hordes failed to commit a second holocaust and these Muslim locals that had fled never returned. They became refugees, instead. It was at this point that Jordan annexed Judea and Samaria and Egypt annexed Gaza, thus violating the UN partition plan that called for these lands to be part of yet another independent Arab Muslim state.

This is also where the term "Palestinian" began to take on another meaning. Prior to the Arab-Israeli War of 1948, the term "Palestinian" applied to anyone who lived in the British Mandate of Palestine. Thus, Jewish settlers were called "Jewish Palestinians" or "Palestinian Jews" and the Arabs living there were called "Arab Palestinians". The term "Palestine", itself, goes back to Roman times. After the defeat of a major Jewish rebellion in the Roman province of Judea (occupied Jewish land), the Romans renamed Judea to "Palestina" as a final humiliation to the Jews. Then they dispersed much of the Jewish population all over the Roman Empire. The term "Palestina" was derived from the term "Philistines", which was the name of a major Biblical enemy of the Jews. After the Babylonian conquest and occupation of Ancient Israel and neighboring lands, the Philistines disappeared as a people. Only after the Israeli defeat of the invading Arab Muslim hordes did the Arab Muslims living in Judea, Samaria and Gaza, as well as the refugees from those lands, begin to refer to themselves as "Palestinians" – not "Palestinian Arabs", but just "Palestinians" – while Palestinian Jews began to refer to themselves as Israelis. Since then, most of the Christians living in Judea, Samaria and Gaza have also referred to themselves as "Palestinians". In short, these people literally created a new nationality for themselves and even went further to attempt to create a whole new ethnicity for themselves (some "Palestinians" have even claimed to be descendents of the Philistines, in order to justify a connection to the land). Thus, it is clear that the Arab Muslims living in Israel for the most part had no connection to the land until about only a hundred years ago and are further not distinct from the other Arab Muslims in the area.

It was in the early 1960s that the "Palestinians" began to organize and create terrorist groups to fight Israel. This is when the PLO and the closely affiliated Fatah and myriad of other closely affiliated "Palestinian" organizations were created. Even then, they considered "their land" to be Egyptian and Jordanian land and not their land, as was written in the PLO's own charter in 1964. Only after Israel won the Six Day War and took over Judea, Samaria, Gaza, the Golan Heights and the Sinai Peninsula did the "Palestinians" begin to claim that Judea, Samaria and Gaza belonged to them (the PLO also revised its charter in 1968 to say so). It was really then that they began to push the idea that they were not just a nationality (itself a manufactured lie), but that they were ethnically distinct from neighboring Arab Muslims. This lie is now so ingrained in the minds of most of the world (thanks to their constant repetition in the media and academia worldwide) that even a sizable amount of Jews believe it!

The anti-Semitic faction of the anti-globalist movement unfortunately and unsurprisingly believes it too and constantly attacks Israel for persecuting those "poor Palestinians".

It is interesting to note that Albanian Muslims in Serbia, in the province of Kosovo & Metohija, and Muslims in India in the region of Kashmir, have also used exactly the same tactics to steal land from Serbia and India, respectively, as well as commit acts of terrorism and genocide against them. The Albanian Muslims call themselves "Kosovars", while the Muslims in Kashmir call themselves "Kashmiris". As we can see, Muslims use exactly the same tactics against other great infidel nations in order to steal land from them piece by piece. These nationalities and ethnic groups do not, and never have, existed. They were totally fabricated for political purposes. The same is exactly the case with the "Palestinians". They too intend to steal Judea, Samaria, Gaza and Jerusalem from Israel – but that's not all. It has been the stated goal of Fatah from the very beginning to annihilate Israel, just as it is the stated goal of Hamas (founded much later, in 1987) to annihilate Israel. This goal has never changed, just as the goals of the Albanian Muslims to conquer Serbia (perhaps with the help of the Bosniaks and other Muslims) and the goals of the Pakistanis and Muslims within India to conquer India and turn it into an Islamic nation have never changed. These groups all have one thing in common: they know they cannot defeat their enemies outright militarily (they have tried that multiple times before and failed), so they have decided to conquer them piece by piece by gaining the sympathy of the entire world. It has already worked for the Albanians, who, together with Al-Qaeda and other Islamic terrorist organizations, managed to get NATO to ally with them and engage in a devastating bombing campaign of Serbia, thus leading to a Serbian withdrawal from Kosovo and its surrender to the Albanians, NATO and the UN. In 2008, Kosovo became a defacto independent nation, with recognition from virtually the entire West, including the US.

All these groups have also used terrorism directed against civilians to push their agenda forward. This terrorism has then prompted retaliation – a self-defensive action -, which these groups have then been able to portray as "persecution", "apartheid" and even "genocide" to the world. Needless to say, the media of the West and the rest of the world would not treat these people favorably unless most of the world's governments would want them to. The US government was vehemently anti-Serbian and supported the Islamic terrorists against the Serbs. The US government was also a major ally of Pakistan through much of its existence and opposed India. The same holds true for the major powers of the rest of the West and its support for these groups. And, contrary to popular belief, the same holds true in the case of American policy toward Israel: America is NOT an ally of Israel!

This may come as a shock to some. After all, America has given weapons to Israel and played a major role in helping it win the Yom Kippur War in 1973. That is indeed true, but we should remember that America also gives a ton of aid to the Islamic world. In fact, it gives more aid to Saudi Arabia, Egypt and other enemies of Israel than it does to Israel. Egypt and Saudi Arabia alone pose very serious threats to Israel's existence and now that the Muslim Brotherhood may seize power in Egypt, the hudna between Israel and Egypt may soon be over.

As for the Yom Kippur War, remember the new neo-colonial British strategy: it is about divide and conquer; "balance of power" and regional conflicts – all designed to keep certain nations from ever becoming too strong and relying on greater powers for aid, thus making them dependent on those greater powers, thus allowing these greater powers to become their defacto puppet-masters. To be more precise, this is more than just a British strategy. It was a strategy conceived by the British Empire – or to be more exact, the Anglo-American establishment (a successor, so to speak, to the British Empire). Since the official collapse of the British Empire in the immediate aftermath of WWII, America has assumed Britain's role of being the military muscle of the world, or to put it better, the strongest superpower of the world (ever since the creation of the Anglo-American establishment in the late 1800s and early 1900s, we have seen a march toward tyranny – toward a socialist police state – in America, as well as sudden "concern" for the rest of the world and foreign aid to much of it). The best proof of this is that before WWII, Britain was constantly involved in wars and foreign interventions. Since WWII, Britain has suddenly barely been involved in such things, while America has nearly constantly been involved in wars and interventions (it wasn't prior to WWII). When I mean America has taken over Britain's role of being the world police, so to speak, I really do mean that it has done so in a very direct way. The proof is in the pudding.

Consequently, it has become America's "job" to not only police the world, but decide which nations to "support" and which nations should prevail in the important conflicts. It was not in the interest of the Anglo-American establishment, who's ultimate goal is the creation of a one world government, to see Israel destroyed, so that the Islamic world could then become extremely powerful and no longer be "dependent" on the West. Despite the fact that the Anglo-American establishment and the British Empire "before it" also helped widen the various divisions within the Islamic world, the destruction of Israel at the time would create the possibility that the Islamic world or a portion thereof could unite and become strong enough to dominate the region. That would cause the Anglo-American establishment and the West overall to lose control of the entire region (not to mention that it would imperil all their business interests). Needless to say, this would set their plans for a one world government back, as they would then need to come up with a way to re-assume control the Middle East and perhaps even much of the rest of the Islamic world.

With that said, not all the globalist political experts were in agreement with sending American military aid so quickly to Israel. Some, such as Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, believed that Israel would come out too strong from the Yom Kippur War and thus tried to hold off any aid from being sent to Israel for as long as they could. People like him wanted Israel to roast in the sun for a longer period of time. It was actually President Richard Nixon who intervened on Israel's behalf.

Despite the fact that the Israel was attacked by Egypt and Syria on its holiest day and was consequently taken by complete surprise; and despite the fact that the goal of these nations was to wipe Israel off the map and commit a second holocaust; after the war ended, the US almost immediately began to pressure Israel to start negotiating with Egypt and, after a few more years, the "Palestinians", about giving up land. That's right, Israel was pressured to give up the Sinai to Egypt immediately after the Yom Kippur War – the same war where Egypt had (once again) attempted to annihilate it. The Sinai was also a great military asset (perfect for bases, weapons testing sites and so on), a great buffer zone and had a lot of oil. For a small and oil-dependent nation, this was a God-send. Only someone truly naive or suicidal could give it up, yet give it up they did. In late 1974, just one year after it had fought off a surprise attack launched on the holiest day of the Jewish calendar and suffered many casualties taking back the Sinai, Israel withdrew from the western portion of the Sinai. That alone sounds outrageous and ludicrous – since when does the winning party of a war give up territory it won right after the end of that war? In 1979, Israel and Egypt signed a peace treaty, where Israel agreed to withdraw from the Sinai in exchange for "peace" and Egyptian recognition of Israel. In reality, this treaty was nothing more than a hudna. The Egyptian government and its controlled media have never ceased their anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist propaganda and they have continued to support Islamic terrorist organizations in a covert manner. Additionally, Egypt began to receive a ton of US foreign aid (immediately after signing that peace agreement with Israel), including military aid. It is now militarily stronger than ever before. The peace treaty between Israel and Egypt was really designed to weaken Israel and give the globalists (basically the Anglo-American establishment) greater control over Egypt, totally eliminating Soviet influence over the country.

In the late 1970s, President Jimmy Carter became the first US president to openly endorse a "Palestinian" state that was to be established in the "occupied territories" of Judea, Samaria and Gaza. This was when the "Two State Solution" policy of the US government was born. With the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt, a precedent had been set and a symbolic victory for the forces of Islam had been achieved: Israel could be forced to surrender land under the false pretense of peace. The "Palestinians", of course, continued to commit terrorism against Israel, specifically targeting Israeli civilians. Nevertheless, the globalists were starting to improve the public image of the "Palestinians" worldwide, creating the perception that they were a persecuted people that were suffering horribly.

After another major wave of Islamic terrorism against Israel, much of it a result of infiltrations by "Palestinian" terrorists from the Lebanon, Israel invaded Lebanon twice: first in 1978 and then in 1982. In both times, Israel was forced to exercise restraint by the US. America quickly forced Israel to withdraw after the 1978 invasion. In the 1982 invasion, Israel occupied about half of Lebanon and came very close to securing all of Beirut, where the headquarters and leaders of the PLO (including Yasser Arafat) were located. Before Israel could get to the PLO, the US, under President Ronald Reagan, sent in Marines, together with French troops to prevent Israel from advancing any further into Beirut. They literally saved Yasser Arafat – a terrorist mass murderer. Arafat and the PLO then fled to Tunisia. Although the US forced Israel to withdraw from much of Lebanon, it was able to maintain a small security (or buffer) zone in the south of the country for eighteen years, where Israeli troops and their Lebanese Christian allies maintained control. American and international pressure too were responsible for this final withdrawal. Needless to say, Hezbollah quickly seized control of the region and launched a war against Israel just six years later, in 2006.

Even by the 1990s, the Israeli public had already largely fallen victim to the false perception that the "Palestinians" were a persecuted people, that Israel was actually guilty for their suffering in at least some way and that peace was possible with these people. This was largely a result of Israel's government, media and academia being dominated by despicable traitors (leftists) and weak leaders, unwilling to challenge the West and more than willing to accept many of its distortions about Israel as facts. It was then that the Israeli government was finally brought to the negotiating table with the PLO, an arch-terrorist organization that even had ideological roots in Nazi Germany (in addition to Islam, of course). Israel agreed to make concessions in the name of peace. It agreed to give up land to the "Palestinians" and eventually give them their own nation, just as long as they would cease their terrorism against Israelis and recognize Israel's right to exist. Some Israelis have even demanded that the Israeli government recognize the "Palestinian" "right of return" – that is, the right of those "Palestinians", and their descendants, that voluntarily left Judea and Samaria in the 1948 war so that the Arab Muslim armies could exterminate all the Jews with greater ease; to return to the "Palestinian territories". Needless to say, since the "Palestinians" want all of Israel, they have no intention of stopping their terrorism against Israel until they achieve their goal.

The fact of the matter is that even if Israel gives up Judea and Samaria, it will ensure its doom, for this is not 1948. It is very easy to obtain rockets today; and since the strategic high ground runs through the middle of Judea and Samaria and since Tel-Aviv is only nine miles from Judea and Samaria, the "Palestinians" and their allies would easily be able to position tons of short range rockets and totally destroy Israel. It would also allow them to stage an invasion and split Israel in two. The "Two State Solution" is an anti-Israel policy.

History and current events show us that despite the fact that the Israelis have even offered to give up 93% of Judea and Samaria, all of Gaza, and 5.5% of pre-1967 Israeli lands in exchange for the other 7% of Judea and Samaria, the "Palestinians" have not only refused the offer, but continued their terrorism against Israel. Israel has launched multiple operations targeted at known Islamic terrorists, in order to eliminate them, while minimizing "Palestinian" "civilian" casualties as much as possible; only to be forced to withdraw by the West, in particular, the US government. The mainstream media has largely relied on half-truths, twisted facts and outright lies, as well as sources in the Islamic world who are notorious for blatantly lying to suit their agenda (the destruction of Israel), to report on the situation in Israel. Needless to say, the mainstream media criticizes Israel for defending itself and for not showing enough "restraint", while it says absolutely nothing when Islamic terrorists deliberately target Israeli civilians. The hardcore leftist media is even worse.

Yet what is surprising is that a large faction within the anti-globalist movement, which constantly attacks the mainstream media and usually also the hardcore leftist media for being liars and total government mouthpieces, actually trusts these very same sources when they talk about Israel. They constantly condemn Israel for killing innocent civilians and make it seem like it deliberately targets them. Often times, Islamic terrorists will even use their own civilians – their fellow Muslims – as human shields for exactly this reason: they know that much of the world will then accuse Israel of deliberately targeting civilians or using a "disproportionate" amount of force when it is forced to target these terrorists. Anti-Israel anti-globalists also, without any evidence whatsoever, accuse Israel of committing false flag terrorist attacks against itself and blaming the "Palestinians" for it. The same people are notorious for literally making things up about Israel, as well. One example is the idea that Israel created Hezbollah to counter Hamas in 1974, even though Hezbollah was created by Iran in 1982 and Hamas was created by "Palestinians" in 1987 and both organizations are allies against Israel. On top of that, these very same people actually accuse the mainstream media of being pro-Israel!

Consequently, supporters of Israel often refuse to hear anything else that these people have to say, even though they are more often than not right about almost all the other issues. This trust of untrustworthy government mouthpieces only on the issue of Israel; however, is not only hypocritical, but it is outright ridiculous. Why would a source that deliberately spreads disinformation about every issue never spread disinformation about one specific issue, namely Israel? Well, these folks will then allege that these sources are controlled by the Jews, so they must be telling the truth about Israel. Wait a second – aren't these folks trusting these supposedly Jewish-controlled sources for their anti-Israel information?

No one can deny that "The Protocols" has influenced a large portion of the anti-globalist movement, yet, clearly, these claims that Israel commits atrocities and has imperialist ambitions are completely false. After all, why would Israel go out of its way not to harm "Palestinian" civilians in its local anti-terrorist operations and Lebanese civilians in the case of its three wars with Lebanon? Why would Israel be willing to bend over backwards for the "Palestinians" and offer to surrender the exact amount of land that they supposedly want to them? Why are the Israeli government, media and academia so vehemently anti-Israel and so in support of the "peace process"? Why are Israeli settlers constantly demonized and arrested for simply exercising their right to free speech? If Israel is an "apartheid state" with "imperialist" ambitions, why is it literally betraying the most patriotic of its citizens? Why did it forcibly expel Jews from their homes in Gaza? It was all for peace. It gave Gaza back to the "Palestinians", after all – only to receive a thank you in the form of rocket barrages aimed at Israeli civilians.

The anti-Zionist faction of the anti-globalist movement has been deceived. Just as Zionism is not some imperialist globalist ideology or movement, Israel does not in any way persecute the "Palestinians". On the contrary, it is the "Palestinians" who commit atrocities against Israelis.

Another favorite claim of these people is that America is a puppet of Israel. Having examined the evidence above, is that really true? Wouldn't the "Jew-run media" in America be pro-Israel? Wouldn't American policy toward Israel be pro-Israel? Wouldn't America give Israel free reign when it came to defending itself? Would Israel need to obtain a "green light" from America in order to attack Iran? Would the "Israeli / Jewish lobby" be vehemently supportive of a "Palestinian" state?

Obviously, Israel is a puppet of America. It is precisely this that has forced Israel to end its anti-terrorist operations prematurely, thus accomplishing little in them. It is also the US government that forced Israel to cancel its own fighter jet project – the IAF Lavi – in 1987, in order to keep Israel dependent on American aid. As we can see, it has always been about keeping Israel "dependent", in order to thus be able to exert some control over it. Were it that Israel did not receive any American aid whatsoever, America would not really be able to tell Israel what to do, for Israel would not have anything to lose. This is exactly how the Anglo-American establishment keeps smaller countries from becoming fully independent. This is how it is able to exert a formidable degree of control over them.

Needless to say, the imposition of a "Palestinian" state upon Israel by the US, starting with the Carter administration, has been a cornerstone of American foreign policy in the Middle East ever since. If America were even an ally of Israel (never mind puppet), why would it put Israel into a situation that would almost ensure its doom? Why would it give more aid to its enemies in the Islamic world (including the Palestinian Authority and even Hamas) than it does to Israel if it were its ally? This doesn't make sense.

What else doesn't make sense is that the anti-Semitic faction of the anti-globalist movement also never talks about the Saudi or other Islamic lobbies. To them, the Israeli lobby is the most powerful and most evil. No one from among them seems to talk about the peaceful Islamization of America or the fact that these Islamic lobbies wield a much greater influence over the American government than the Israeli / Jewish lobby could ever dream of. We can further see that the Israeli / Jewish lobby is largely indoctrinated with the false illusion that giving the "Palestinians" a state will bring peace, for they are generally some of the most enthusiastic supporters of the two state solution and will often refuse to even associate with the minority of Jews that opposes surrendering Judea, Samaria and Gaza to a Hitlerian enemy, or really, to any enemy or anyone for that matter; for they understand that these lands are the Jewish heartland, just as Kosovo & Metohija is the Serbian heartland, and they rightfully refuse to surrender it. It is unfortunate, but what this means is that the American Jewish establishment and much of the Israeli / Jewish lobby is actually anti-Israel.

Since it is in the interest of the Anglo-American establishment to at the very least keep Israel from becoming too strong and since the creation of a "Palestinian" state puts Israel on the verge of destruction and since the majority of American Jews and the Israeli / Jewish lobby support a "Palestinian" state and are in general supportive (at best silent) when the US calls for Israel to exercise "restraint" or cease its military actions, the Israeli / Jewish lobby is only furthering the American government's foreign policy at the expense of Israel! Contrary to what some on the left and what the anti-Semitic faction of the anti-globalist movement says, the Israeli / Jewish lobby is not influencing "American foreign policy" (really, the foreign policy of the globalists that have hijacked America via its government) to act against "America's" own interests to the benefit of Israel after all. The reality is that Israel and the American people both lose.

So where is this all going?

Israel is being pushed off the edge of a cliff and the American people are losing their liberties and security, the latter of which is due to the fact that the American government is aiding America's enemies much more than it is "aiding" Israel; and it is spending money like crazy and further advancing socialism in America, all of which will ultimately lead to an American collapse – and a collapse of America is likely to result in serious financial implications for its military, which in turn will cause a chain of events that would certainly leave the military in a disorganized state at the very least. We should also point out that this is the same government that is not only covering for the Russian and Chinese military and economic build-ups, but playing an active role in aiding them.

The fact that the American government is loyal to the New World Order (not America) and is anti-Israel are not contradictions, but, to an extent, part of the greater deception. Yes, the NWO is anti-Israel as much as (or, if not more than), it is anti-American. The globalists have consistently helped build up and arm dangerous tyrannical regimes, including much of the Islamic world. They have been working to keep Israel from becoming strong and independent and now, I believe they are working to push Israel off a cliff.

Sixty years ago, the globalists needed the Jews to be in the Middle East so they could play them against the Muslims – a thing that would almost certainly happen naturally. This allowed them to hold control over both the Jews and the Muslims. Due to Jewish innovation and talent, Israel consistently became more successful than the globalists intended. This is why they have sometimes gone to great lengths to try to weaken it even further. In other words, all this time, things have not gone fully according to plan. After all, everyone makes mistakes.

Now; however, the globalists' other agendas elsewhere in the world, as well as at "home" in the West, have come close to being accomplished. The people of the West are now very close to experiencing the book, 1984 in real life. The build-ups of Russia and China also intersect with these developments. The globalists will soon have the option of no longer resorting to neo-imperialism or behind the scenes control over nations by playing them off. This is one of the reasons they are overthrowing their more "moderate" puppets in the Islamic world and working hard to facilitate the rise of devout Muslims to power, such as the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. They are preparing for a big Middle East war, which could perhaps even trigger World War III. Their plan is to position an overwhelming number of Islamic nations, many of which have been armed to the teeth by none other than the Anglo-American establishment, against Israel. It is in their interest to see the two sides mutually destroy each other so that they can then be able to send in the UN – yes, another key party in the overall plan to create one world government – to "help" the survivors. In reality, the UN would most likely be used to initially take over the devastated region. This is the endgame for the Middle East.

This is also why it is so important to understand history. Most of what we are seeing today is simply history repeating itself, only on a grander scale. These strategies that the globalists are employing aren't new at all. The fact that traitors who are loyal to the NWO rule almost everyone of our countries, including the US and Israel (after all, if it had true patriots in power, they would stand up to the Anglo-American establishment) is also nothing new. The vast majority of politicians are liars, cheats, immoral and often not too bright themselves. It is the special interests that put them in power and their advisers behind the scenes that usually pull the strings. Most of our presidents and prime ministers are just puppets. Historically, advisers of monarchs have also wielded a lot of power behind the scenes.

Even more importantly, historically, smaller nations have usually been forced to come under the influence of other larger nations. Their preferred way of doing so was to keep the current rulers of these nations in power because they were of the same ethnicity as their subjects and they knew all of the cultural aspects of their nation. However, these rulers would become merely puppets of the greater nations. They would take their orders from their puppet-masters and do whatever they were told. One might wonder: isn't this treason on the part of those rulers? Indeed, it is. As I mentioned before, though, politicians usually have the most abhorrent qualities found in humanity; and as observed by Friedrich von Hayek, "the worst" tend "to get on top". Whether the ruler is in full control or whether the ruler is just a puppet, he still gets to exercise control over a certain group of people – his people. He still gets to live comfortably and be the most powerful person in his nation. Since they generally very are immoral, most people in power will not risk their comfortable way of life or the power that they have to try to defeat their puppet-masters. They are perfectly content with putting their own people in horrible tyranny and doing horrible things to them and their own nations overall, just as long as they get to live comfortably and remain in power. It is, of course, also true that with most people, there are limits to how far they will go; and history has shown us that client kings and other puppet leaders have sometimes rebelled against their puppet-masters. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like most of the politicians of today are even willing to do that, especially since they are worse than just client kings: much of the top echelon is ideologically loyal to the concept of a one world socialist government.

The most important historical lesson about puppet leaders and puppet nations is that they are not eternal. There always comes a time when the puppet-masters no longer need their puppets and either play them against their other puppets or completely conquer their puppet nations themselves. These puppets leaders and puppet nations are considered expendable in the big scheme of things. Their puppet-masters are likewise willing to throw them away to another great power or to use them as their front line defense against that other great power when it is convenient or necessary for them to do so. This is what dependence means – a nation that is dependent on another nation cannot decide its own fate and cannot ever fully act in its own interest.

This is exactly the position that Israel is in and this is why it treats the Jewish re-settlers in Judea and Samaria (and prior to that, also Gaza) so harshly, while totally bending over backwards for the "Palestinians" and the fifth column Arab Muslims that live inside pre-1967 Israel. This is why Israel agrees to exercise restraint and cease its operations prematurely whenever its masters in Washington DC and London tell it do so. This is why Israel withdrew from the Sinai and Gaza. This is also why the Israeli government has pushed secularism, internationalism and socialism upon its own people, mostly through the nation's mainstream media and education system. This is why there is this attack on national sovereignty in Israel. The Israeli government is a puppet of the Anglo-American establishment, which itself is loyal not to America or Britain (or some joint American-British Empire), but to their dream of a one world socialist government – a dream that is very close to being achieved.

With that said, Israel can make itself independent. And this is the big secret: Israel has been able to become strong enough to no longer rely on foreign aid, in order to survive. The only problem is that the Israeli people do not know this. It is this false perception among Israelis that has kept Israel dependent on others, and thus, unable to act in its own interest. It is further this false perception that poses the greatest threat of all to Israel, for should it continue to do what the Anglo-American establishment or anyone else tells it to do, it will end up being destroyed. Israel's only path to survival is to become fully independent.

Israel can start by building more of its own weapons and cease accepting American aid. No more repeats of the IAF Lavi. This time, Israel should build and mass produce its own fighter jets and never yield to foreign pressure to stop doing so. It also needs to quickly transition to a laissez-faire capitalist economy, although due to it being surrounded by hostiles, a reasonable income tax must be kept to finance the Israeli military and even subsidize the private defense sector (once again, only due to the emergency situation that Israel is in). In all other areas, Israel's government should be heavily downsized and turned into an individualist government. Israel's current socialist economic system severely limits Israel's economy from realizing its full potential. It is absolutely imperative to do away with it. A strong capitalist economic system will turn the Israeli economy into a mighty force to be reckoned with and allow Israel to become significantly stronger in every way.

Due to its lack of natural resources (especially oil), it will also need to go to war fairly quickly with some of its neighbors to ensure the acquisition of these resources. It would be wise to retake the Sinai and to secure land to its north and east. Since its neighbors want to annihilate it, such a war is inevitable and thus fully justifiable – and really, at the end of the day, it isn't anyone's business but that of the parties involved (Israel and neighboring Islamic countries) as to what happens in that region. The idea that the US, the EU, Russia, China, NATO or especially the UN should have any right to intervene in even regional conflicts in regions other than those they are located in is absurd and an attack on national sovereignty. They have no right!

It is further Israel's right to deport the fifth column, known as the Israeli Arab Muslims (Muslims living inside pre-1967 Israel that have Israeli citizenship and are largely peacefully taking over Israel by stealth, just as the Muslims in the West are peacefully taking over western countries), and the Arab Muslims living in Judea, Samaria and Gaza. As I have already explained earlier, these Arab Muslims have no right to live in Israel, nor do they have any significant connection to these lands. With that said, were these Muslims peaceful and willing to integrate in Israel, I for one would not be opposed to them staying. Yet, since these Muslims are following the Quran and the examples of Mohammad, thus trying to take over Israel, they lose any moral rights they ever had to stay. Furthermore, the fact that almost the entire Islamic population of Israel supports, finances and harbors terrorists that target Jewish civilians; the fact that they have no problem with using terrorism against Jews; and the fact that there are so many terrorists among these people should make it clear in anyone's mind that transfer is the only answer. Besides, they have over forty seven other countries they can go to, including twenty two Arab countries. Israel absolutely must get rid of the enemy from within.

Should Israel fail to do this, it will most likely be destroyed. The Anglo-American establishment doesn't seem to need Israel any more. This is why they are building up the Islamic world against it and facilitating the rise of new rulers there that will almost certainly act to destroy Israel should they ever be given the opportunity to do so. This is why they are forcing Israel to surrender the strategic high ground that runs through Judea and Samaria and be reduced to borders that are indefensible against the weapons of today. If the Israeli government – this puppet regime – continues to do whatever its puppet-masters tell it, it will lead Israel to destruction, just as the Judenrat helped lead millions of their fellow Jews to the gas chambers in WWII.

Independence, laissez-faire capitalism, strong Jewish nationalism (hardcore Zionism) and military strength are the answer to Israel's problems. Furthermore, Israel has what few other small nations have: a nuclear arsenal with long range ICBMs. Ultimately, the threat of mutually assured destruction is the best form of deterrence against the globalists. No matter what happens, Israel is in for some extremely stormy waters. Israel's survival will, no matter how you look at it, come at an economic price (which can be severely reduced if Israel transitions to laissez-faire capitalism) and worst yet, it will come at the price of Jewish lives. However, my proposed solution is the only solution that can ensure Israel's survival as a sovereign nation and guarantee the prevention of a second holocaust. There are no other options and the Israeli people have to realize that.

The anti-Semitic faction of the anti-globalist movement will probably never understand any of this and continue to promote its delusional lies that the Jews are behind the NWO. There is actually a tiny bit of truth in what these people say: there are Jews in the NWO, though they do not make up a majority of the conspirators. The Rothschilds and George Soros are the best examples of that. Yet, anyone who would do even a little research on the Rothschilds and especially George Soros would quickly learn these people are secular humanists, socialists, internationalists, vehemently opposed to national sovereignty (well, all globalists are opposed to that) and anti-Zionist. It is true that a few of the Rothschilds have donated a little bit of their large fortune to Israel – they actually could have donated a lot more money back when the Jews were re-settling what was then called Palestine (and when it was sparsely populated) and literally ensured that all the land would have been bought by Jews, thus averting the entire Israeli-"Palestinian" conflict and saving Israel from the fifth column Muslims living in the pre-1967 borders, as well. Much of the Rothschild donations have gone to funding the Israeli government, which is largely a secular humanist and socialist puppet regime of the globalists – thus, as I have demonstrated, working against Israel's interests. It is also unfortunate that most American Jews and perhaps half of Israeli Jews have been entirely indoctrinated with secular humanist, socialist and anti-Israel propaganda. These people all support a weaker Israel and many of them do not even know it. Many of them, like the American Jewish establishment as a whole, including the Israeli / Jewish lobby are literally helping the globalists further their plan to destroy Israel – all without even knowing it!

Unfortunately, this is also not the first time in history that the Jewish establishment of a Western country has been self-hating or leading the very people it is supposed to be helping to their own demise. The Jewish establishment in Germany did not take the threat of Hitler seriously until it was too late. Actually, the Jewish establishment in most of the nations of the world did not take the threat of Hitler very seriously until close to the start of the Holocaust – and even then, the Jewish establishments of most of those nations did not consider Hitler to be a very serious threat until it was too late. The idea of something like the Holocaust was, in the 1920s and 1930s (and even in the first part of the 1940s) perceived by many to be a conspiracy theory. Of course, there were some Jews who did understand what was coming, even a decade before Hitler came to power. One such person was Zeev Jabotinsky, who started warning as early as the 1920s that "massive pogroms" were coming in the future and Jews should move to Israel. Jabotinsky, who also, unlike the Jewish establishment overall, was not a socialist, but a capitalist was quickly shunned by the very same establishment and condemned as a "fascist" and so on – all for trying to save his own people from the coming Holocaust. About half a century later, when Rabbi Meir Kahane stated that he considered the Israeli Arab Muslims and other Muslims living within rightfully Israeli land to be a serious threat, he too was called a "fascist", "racist", "hater" and so on. Needless to say, he was right and today, more Israelis are starting to see that. Unfortunately, today, Israeli patriots are also still called the same things and often persecuted by the Israeli government even for stating their opinions publicly.

Modern Israeli rightists actually have their roots in the movement Jabotinsky created: the Revisionist Zionist movement. This movement was an anti-socialist, fully anti-internationalist and strong patriotic movement with both religious and secular (but usually traditional) factions. The movement was all about the achievement of a strong Israel with reasonable borders and the relocation of (eventually) all Jews to the Jewish nation.

It was also the Revisionist Zionist movement that desperately tried to save Jews when the Holocaust began. The Jewish establishments of America and Britain, on the other hand, were not only silent, but they often hampered efforts by the allied powers to attack concentration camps, railways leading to those camps or otherwise save Jews. What these people did borders on treason. In fact, in the early 1940s, when the Revisionist Zionist movement took action to save Jews, which included educating the American public on what was going on in Europe and asking for donations from them, the American Jewish establishment literally branded the Revisionist Zionists as crazies and told the US government that they (yes, the Revisionist Zionists) were as big a threat to American Jewry as Hitler! In the end, the Revisionist Zionists were able to save as many as 200,000 Jews, all while the Jewish-owned New York Times was categorically against printing any articles that might even inform the American people that the Holocaust was indeed real and claiming millions of Jewish lives!

The American Jewish establishment has, at least for about ninety years, acted like nothing more than a puppet or a client king – or better yet, like a bunch of court Jews. For its own grand standing; for its own political ambitions; and for its loyalty to the ideology of socialism (not Judaism, but socialism), it has betrayed American Jews and really, Jews worldwide. It didn't have to do that then and it certainly doesn't have to do so now. It could be honest. It could go all the way. At the very least, it could allow the modern successor movements of the Revisionist Zionist movement to operate "painlessly" (instead of being branded as "fascists", "racists" and so on by the Jewish establishment itself). Worse yet, the Jewish establishment plays into the hands of the globalists of today and it doesn't even know it, just like it thought in the 1920s and 1930s that the Holocaust could never happen – and just as later, its leadership was too concerned with its own prestige and connections to the US government, among other even worse things, to do anything about it.

Perhaps the biggest accomplishment of the anti-Semitic faction of the anti-globalist movement has been to create the perception that the entire anti-globalist movement is anti-Semitic and that the very idea the there is a New World Order brewing is just some anti-Semitic conspiracy theory. Often, even the mention of globalists, the Federal Reserve System, the big banks and so on is enough to make some people think that this is some sort of anti-Semitic conspiracy theory. It doesn't matter that what G. Edward Griffin's book, The Creature From Jekyll Island, says is true or that the big banks are anti-American, anti-Israel and major supporters of socialism. It doesn't matter that the globalists are real. It doesn't matter that there has been a quite obvious trend toward world government. It doesn't matter that man-made "climate change" is a total hoax and fraud designed to force us all to pay global taxes, have government control how much energy our homes use, have government track where we drive (in order to "fairly" tax us based on mileage traveled) and eventually to subjugate us to a one world socialist government. It doesn't matter that all these "environmentalists" that talk about "global warming" and "climate change" are eugenicists or that Hitler was the same kind of "environmentalist". No, the average person and especially the average Jew, will automatically assume that you are spewing some "anti-Semitic conspiracy theory" and refuse to hear anything else about it. The very perception that all these things are just some "anti-Semitic conspiracy theory" has literally led to most Jews being asleep about the New World Order. Once again, all of this is a consequence of "The Protocols" and the anti-Semitic faction of the anti-globalist movement that followed.

I would further argue that the globalists themselves use the anti-Semitic faction of the anti-globalist movement to their benefit. It keeps most Jews and probably a majority of pro-Israel non-Jews in the dark about the globalists. This in turn allows for the rest of the anti-globalist movement to thus be at least somewhat influenced by the anti-Semitic faction within that movement. Overall, it deflects blame from the globalists to the Jews.

In reality, this too is nothing new. Throughout history, especially since (and during) Medieval times (and most prominently in Europe), Jews have been scapegoated in a similar fashion. In Europe, Jews were often forced to live in ghettos and barred from certain professions, which often forced them to become money-changers. European rulers wanted to increase their money supply and overall wanted to have more money to spend – mostly so they could finance their wars and other big undertakings (now doesn't that sound familiar) -, but Christianity's ban on usury got in the way of their ambitions. Thus, they basically forced Jews into usury and other banking-related activities. These monarchs would then get the money they needed to finance their ambitious agendas. They would further tax their own subjects like crazy, often leading to them living in horrible conditions, all so that they could further finance these agendas. Needless to say, after a while, a large amount of debt was then owed to the Jews. By then, the monarchs would often achieve their agenda, and thus, they would no longer "need" the Jews. Normally, by that point in time, the quality of life for the peasants would have further decreased, thus creating the perfect storm. The monarch would then tell the peasants that the Jews (not the monarch) were responsible for their misfortunes, the nation's large debt and so on, at which point the Jews would be killed, stripped of everything they had and often (in the case of the survivors) run out of the country. The monarch would then be absolved of any blame for the economic situation by the peasants, the national debt to the Jews would automatically be canceled and the monarch would be seen as a hero. As usual, the only winners were the monarchs.

The biggest difference between then and now is that the new tyrants are made up of dozens (perhaps a few hundred or thousand) people from all over the world who share a common dream: the establishment of a one world socialist government. They have no national, religious or ethnic loyalties and have no problem betraying whatever nationality or ethnic group they belong to. They are internationalists and see themselves as "citizens of the world", not as Americans, Jews, Serbs, Britons, Frenchmen, Italians, Irishmen, Russians and so on. But, their victims are the same and it is likely that they will build up the anti-Semitic faction of the anti-globalist movement and use it to co-opt much of the rest of the movement, if they fear that too many people are waking up. In other words, if they are ever too close to being caught, they will once again throw the Jews as a bone to the sheep of the world, only perhaps, on a grander scale.

The NWO is very real, very anti-Semitic and bent on Israel's destruction. As usual, the Jews are the biggest victims. It is time for the world's Jews to cease acting like a bunch of court Jews and other pushovers. It is time for them to cease caring about what the rest of the world thinks of them. It is time for Israel to cease being a puppet state and become a fully independent nation – really, it doesn't have a choice, if it is to survive. Enough is enough. It is time for Jews to trust in God and champion Jewish nationalism, laissez-faire capitalism and a strong and secure Israel.

Down with the New World Order!

Long live Israel!

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Wow. This is an eye-opener!

In the last few years, I've become aware of the 'globalist element' in the whole picture, but have had trouble explaining this to my friends, especially Jewish friends, who think all this stuff about the globalists is an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory.

Unfortunately, many of them also want to give up land to the Palestinians and when I tell them we shouldn't, they tell me there's no other way because 'the world won't allow it.' I tell them the world isn't on our side anyway and we can't ever make it be, but they just brush it off.

Your article really put it all together for me. Maybe with your talking points, I can convince my friends to oppose the two state solution.

Keep up the good fight.

Posted by Alex Simon on June 11, 2011 at 01:01:38 EST.


Posted by Proud Jew on May 21, 2011 at 02:05:08 EST from USA.

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