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Our freedom, our way of life and our very lives are being threatened. However, the enemy is not just a few terrorists living in caves on the Afghan-Pakistani border, but all those who seek to take away our freedoms, whether it be those who capitalize on the politics of fear; those who deny others their freedom of speech under the banners of political correctness and "hate speech"; and anyone else who purposely misrepresents, covers up or entirely lies about the truth, regardless of the reasons they do it for. The truth is that Islam is not a "religion of peace", leftism and all other forms of collectivism are always doomed to failure and the media, as well as education systems, of Western-style "democracies" do not always tell the truth. The ATC is committed to the defense of freedom and is the home of media and other information that leftists, Islamic terrorists and many other powerful people don't want you to see!
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Daniel Hall

Possible Terrorist Threat for the Near Future

Posted on September 22, 2011 at 00:21:03 EST
by the ATC

Copyright © 2003-2018 The Anti-Terrorism Coalition. All rights reserved.

Recent developments have led us here at the ATC to conclude that some kind of terrorist attack on American soil may be imminent, or at the very least, lie ahead for us in the near future.

As we write this piece, it is late September 21, 2011. Yesterday, two Taliban members assassinated Burhanuddin Rabbani, the mentor of Ahmad Shah Massoud, who was the leader of the Northern Alliance until two days prior to the 9/11 attacks. Massoud was killed on September 9, 2001 while being "interviewed" by two Taliban suicide bombers posing as journalists. They had smuggled the bomb in their camera. Rabbani was also killed by people who had managed to gain his trust. In this case, the Taliban assassins had apparently gotten to know Rabbani, who just happened to be involved in high level peace negotiations between the Afghan government and the Taliban. Yesterday, they walked up to him to shake his hand, at which point at least one of them detonated the explosives he had under his turban.

Massoud was a unifying and respected leader among the Northern Alliance. Were he not assassinated, it is much less likely that there would have been great factionalism, constant infighting and a weak central government in Afghanistan after the Taliban was toppled in the subsequent American invasion. On top of this, Massoud had warned the US that Al-Qaeda was planning some sort of attack against it in the months and even years before 9/11. Unfortunately, like all the foreigners and American intelligence operatives who had information that the 9/11 attacks were coming, he was ignored by the leadership of the American intelligence community and American establishment, overall. For both the globalists and Islamic imperialist groups, Massoud clearly knew too much and may very well have prevented Afghanistan from descending into chaos after the American invasion, thus eliminating the need for American and NATO troops to occupy Afghanistan for any prolonged period of time. Rabbani was likewise a unifying force. His negotiations with the Taliban may have led to some sort of peace agreement with the Taliban, thus leading to a more stable Afghanistan. This would eliminate the (stated) need for foreign troops in Afghanistan. However, with globalist corporations and rogue elements of the US government making money off the heroin trade from Afghanistan, there is no hurry to leave the war-torn country. Likewise, certain elements of the Taliban and Pakistan (the puppet master and creator of the Taliban), do not want Afghanistan to become stabilized, as it will then make it quite hard for the Taliban to reestablish control over it. Needless to say, all these parties benefit from the assassination of Rabbani.

Yesterday's assassination is in fact one of multiple assassinations of high-ranking Afghan government officials over the past year. Just this past July, Afghan president Hamid Karzai's brother, Ahmed Wali Karzai, was killed, allegedly by his own body guard. It appears the CIA was involved in this particular assassination. Furthermore, it seems that the globalists are unhappy with their Afghan puppet regime, as evidenced by increasing criticism of the Karzai regime. It has been accused of corruption, nepotism and involvement in the heroin trade (all true). It is important to understand that this has all been going on from the very start of the Karzai regime and the globalists were not only aware of it, but they are at the top of these criminal activities. Yet, these truths about the Karzai regime have only started coming out fairly recently. This is not a coincidence.

The sad reality is that the "War on Terror" was a "sham" to begin with, something we have already exposed in past articles. It has nothing to do with keeping us safe, but rather, with building up the Islamic world even further through destabilization of various Islamic countries, funding various devout Muslim groups (including the Taliban and Al-Qaeda through various means, including aid to Pakistan), fueling the anti-American fire through continued occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq and pushing peaceful Islamization here at home. Most recently, the US government together with its globalist masters has been instrumental in engineering the so-called "Arab Spring", leading to the literal overthrow of its own puppets in favor of Al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood. As if that isn't enough, the American military together with NATO were used to bomb Gaddafi's forces in Libya, in order to ensure a rebel victory (never mind the fact that the rebels are literally Al-Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood members). In fact, the bombing of Libya commenced just as Gaddafi's forces were on the verge of victory over Al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood rebels. Going back to just a few days after September 11, 2001, we should remember what then-president Bush said about Islam: he called it "a religion of peace". Our "strategy" to defeat our supposed enemy – a tactic called terrorism – has been to nation-build hostile nations; give money to both media-proclaimed allies and foes (in the latter case, "to bring them to our side"); appease warlords, terrorist leaders and the overall general population; have American troops help Afghan farmers grow poppies, lest the Taliban do it (almost literally the media's own words); and try to find and hunt down a few members of the Taliban and Al-Qaeda who will constantly be replaced by their subordinates. In short, this is a perpetual war against a tactic, which seems to be strengthening our enemies, enriching the globalists (and their puppet regime in Afghanistan) through the drug trade and costing American lives and Dollars. This is certainly not the proper way to fight Islam, which is the true enemy.

Over the years, we have become aware that it isn't just the socialists who are protecting and aiding the Muslims. There is indeed a largely hidden, but very powerful group, primarily made up of the elite of the West, which are working to create a one world socialist government. They are the power behind the socialist movement here at home, as well as behind the peaceful Islamization here at home. It is also they who are responsible for this pointless lie of a war known as the "War on Terror"; and yes, they do indeed control both major parties in the US government. It makes little difference to them whether Bush or Obama are in power because both are their puppets. We factor all these things into our analysis and this is why what you have just read sounds radically different from what you may read on other well-meaning patriotic sites fighting against Islam (and often also socialism).

Back to the analysis: there is more than just the recent and eerie development in Afghanistan (in case you didn't catch it; Massoud was killed two days before 9/11 and now, his mentor was killed on September 20).

Another reason to be worried is the fact that this Friday, September 23, Mahmoud Abbas will ask the UN Security Council to vote for a "Palestinian" state. Although the US government has long only pretended to be Israel's ally, but in reality funded its enemies and constantly prevented it from defending itself (as we have documented in previous articles), it does not want to give up its image as an ally of Israel. Obama has endorsed the 1967 borders between Israel and "Palestine", which are the borders that Abbas will ask the UN to recognize as being part of an official "Palestinian" state. So, to keep its pro-Israel image, the US government would have to cast a veto vote, thus making it look totally hypocritical to the entire world.

As if this isn't enough, no matter what happens, the "Palestinians" are going to use violence, at least inside Israel. If they get their state, they will use violence because Israel is "occupying" them. If the vote goes to the General Assembly, then they will only be granted observer status (the General Assembly is almost guaranteed to vote in their favor), which is short of full statehood, recognition as an official nation by the UN and thus full membership at the UN. If this happens, then the "Palestinians" will be angry they didn't get their way (all the way). Additionally, they will still be angry at the "occupation". If Abbas for some reason does not go ahead with any votes, then the "Palestinians" will think the US and Israel have blackmailed or otherwise threatened him and will be angry about that, on top of the "occupation". They or other Muslims could engage in terrorism against the US, as well.

Worse yet, the globalists could use terrorism to alter the circumstances surrounding the vote or outright indefinitely suspend it altogether. Moreover, this would provide a perfect opportunity to spread more anti-Israel disinformation in the anti-NWO movement, by blaming Israel for the attacks.

Another issue of note is that constitutionalist candidate Ron Paul is gaining more support. As we know, Ron Paul represents a huge threat to the globalists. Unfortunately, he has a flaw: while he is rightly against interventionism, he wrongly thinks that Islamic terrorists attacked us because we have been meddling in their affairs or whatnot. In reality, they attacked us because they want to take America over. Yet, Ron Paul totally fails to understand Islam. He also doesn't seem to take the Russian or Chinese threats seriously. Needless to say, all the other Republican candidates pretend to have some nice sounding rhetoric about how they will defend America, but really, they won't do anything about Islam (or Russia or China for that matter), either. Ron Paul is ultimately the best candidate that we have even on foreign policy (on economic and domestic issues, he is 100% right). However, since most people are in general totally ignorant and usually easy to distract and consume with pure emotion, a major terrorist attack on American soil could easily be used to discredit Ron Paul. Were he to blame American occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan on the attack, masses of Americans consumed with irrational thoughts and emotions would immediately grow hateful of Ron Paul, leading many of his supporters to withdraw their support for him; all while the media would endlessly attack him and even go as far as to call him a traitor. In fact, Ron Paul wouldn't even need to say anything. Clips of him from previous debates where he said that 9/11 happened because we were meddling in the affairs of Islamic countries, would be enough.

This would be the ultimate exploitation of Ron Paul's flaws and it would likely work, thus eliminating the only chance we have of taking this country back through the electoral system any time soon.

The US government is also faced with growing skepticism about the concept of giving up liberty for security. Another major terrorist attack would likely fix that "problem", as the majority of Americans, being the sheep that they are, would quickly beg the government to do whatever is necessary to keep them "safe" (rather, to make them feel safe). It would likely serve as another major freedom-grabbing opportunity for the globalists and the socialists, just as 9/11 did. If an attack even bigger than 9/11 were to take place, just imagine how many more liberties we would lose. We already lost a ton in the aftermath of 9/11. This is actually coupled together with growing mistrust and disillusionment with Obama – another problem that the globalists face. When Bill Clinton faced the same problem in 1995 (also the third year of his presidency), the Oklahoma City bombing magically took place and gave his poll numbers a much needed boost. When it comes to the Obama regime, no one should have any doubts that they would have any sort of moral problems with staging a false flag attack against America or at least, aiding certain Muslims in doing so. After all, throughout history, tyrannical regimes or leaders who wanted to consolidate power have staged false flag attacks, killing their own people (in fact, Hitler and Stalin both did just that on several occasions).

Then there is the fact that Obama is currently trying to get Congress to support raising taxes. Needless to say, the House, which has a Republican majority, is likely to oppose this, especially with pressure from a fair number of patriotic Americans. However, should a major terrorist attack take place, raising taxes can be justified in the name of "security" or worse yet, "unity".

The globalists are also in serious trouble on the economic front. The artificial economic "recovery" is literally a house of cards. Although the globalists could technically keep it going for up to another 10 years, perhaps they are out of options and we are on the verge of the big collapse – or perhaps, this is another "temporary" collapse that will later be artificially "fixed". In any case, the globalists wouldn't want their puppet governments and leaders (such as Obama) to be blamed for the collapse. Instead, they would much rather blame some kind of terrorist attack or otherwise "trouble in the Middle East" on any such collapse. This would also prevent patriots (especially Ron Paul) from taking power, although, if Perry, Romney, Gingrich or Huntsman get elected, it won't really make a huge difference, as they are total globalist agents or globalist puppets.

Back on the foreign front, the globalists may be having a harder time staging further revolutions in other Islamic nations than they may have expected. An Islamic terrorist attack could embolden devout Muslim organizations and help fuel revolutions in certain other nations. Thus far, the Muslim Brotherhood, Al-Qaeda and other such groups have only had success in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya (thanks only to extensive NATO air support). These groups are also close to victory in Yemen. Also, the war in Libya is still not finished and there have been rumors circulating that the globalists may want (at least temporarily) NATO ground forces deployed to Libya. Thus, a second 9/11 could aid the globalists in getting exactly what they want: the best enemy money can buy.

Another thing of note is the globalist plan to betray their Muslim friends. Needless to say, a one world socialist government cannot coexist with Islam. The fact that Islamic terrorists, socialists and globalists work together now is merely a matter of strategy and in general, cooperation toward common goals. When it's all said and done, nobody wants to share power. Everyone wants it purely for themselves. It is thus our contention that the globalists plan to "betray" the Muslims both at home and abroad. Abroad, they are working to build up the Islamic world, preferably into a caliphate to be militarily reckoned with. Only when this caliphate is strong will the globalists turn against it and have us a war with them, much as was the case with Nazi Germany (which they also helped build up). At home, they will cultivate a secular humanist led anti-Islam movement, which will only begin to make gains when it is painfully obvious that the peaceful Islamization is a detriment to our liberties, society and our very survival. Thus far, the globalists have used peaceful Islamization to take away more of our liberties and to attack Judeo-Christian values and culture. They will likewise use "their" anti-Islam movement to take away more of our liberties yet and further attack Judeo-Christian values and culture. This "fake" anti-Islam movement will draw well-meaning Judeo-Christian based opponents of Islam into it. This movement will champion secular humanism, decadent ways of life, degenerate forms of "music" and other elements of our modern "culture", homophilia and overall anything that is against Judeo-Christian values and culture, as well as anything that is against all that is morally good. This fake anti-Islam movement may get the US government to ban burkas, minarets and maybe even mosques; but all of this will come at the expense of our constitutional rights, for it will set precedents that will be exploited by secular humanists and socialists and will especially be aimed at Judeo-Christian values. We are already seeing the foundation being laid for this movement in the US. On the tenth anniversary of 9/11, Michael Bloomberg, the second-amendment-hating mayor of New York City, blamed "religious extremism" for 9/11 – not Islam and not even "Islamic extremism", but "religious extremism". This is exactly the tone the globalists want any major so-called anti-Islam movement to take on. After all, their goal is a one world socialist government. This means eliminating all religions, but secular humanism.

Finally, let us also remember that major terrorist attacks rarely happen when we expect them. They always occur when we least expect them – as a total surprise. We were all a little more vigilant on the tenth anniversary of 9/11. The government even hyped the possibility of terrorism on that day. Well, nobody expects anything to happen now. No one is really mentioning anything in the news. Given all of the above facts, we ask that everyone be a little more vigilant on 9/22 and coming days.

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We've arrived at the end of the line and I have what I need!

Posted by Johnette on October 27, 2011 at 18:34:36 EST from Johnette.

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